Are you a Batman or a Spider-Man?

Are you a Batman or a Spider-Man?

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Are You A Batman Or A Spider-Man?

Are you a Batman or a Spider-Man?

A lot of people think I’m more like Spider-Man…


Because they look at me and they say I am LUCKY

As if I got bitten by a radioactive spider and got some special superpowers!

They don’t understand HOW I can:

• Be excited about work

• Wake up at 8am every Saturday

• Always have a trip to look forward to

That’s when I want to tell them I am more like Batman…
With his will power and work ethic!

The truth is, I don’t want to spend my life waiting for equivalent of the radioactive spider to come and change my life.

What if it never comes?

That’s why I choose to stay OPPORTUNISTIC (in case the spider does show up!;-)) while working hard on my goals.

Superheroes or not, we all have 24hrs a day.

I spend mine the way I do, because:

• My job makes me happy. It challenges me and makes me a better person,too!

• I value time more than anything now – I manage to do more of what I love if I get up early…goes to show how much I love my morning bootcamp!

• Travelling the world teaches me more than anything else I can think of – it broadens my perspective and helps me appreciate little things.

I am not saying winning a lottery wouldn’t be life changing.

I am saying doing something is probably better than doing nothing.

So whilst some still believe I am lucky to be doing everything that I do…

I choose to believe luck serves those well prepared.

So if my radioactive spider does show up,
I’ll at least know how to do burpees in my Spider-Man leggings!

But until then, I’ll act like a Batman! ????

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January 2022