At the right time!

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I wish I was pregnant.

That’s the crazy sort of thing that would go through my mind on a regular basis…


Simply because I went to a baby shower where everybody else was talking about babies.

Did I even want a baby?

I don’t think I did…

But I certainly wanted what everybody else did, that’s for sure.

And it wasn’t just a baby…

I also wanted to pack my backpack and go travel the world every time someone just came back from a big trip.

Or be in this special relationship every time I saw a couple truly madly in love with one another.

Everybody seemed to have it all together:

• Satisfying Career
• Healthy Lifestyle
• Overflowing Social Calendar
• Mortgage
• Fun dating stories – but not too many, because tick tock…

I mean, no pressure, right?!

It was hard not to feel like I was:

Turns out?
It wasn’t just me living life with countless scenarios of what the life ‘should be’

Not because I wanted to…
But simply because other people were doing it…
…and I thought I had to as well!

But that’s rubbish.
We all have different values, wants and needs.

And in all honesty?

All I was doing by comparing myself to others…

Was distracting myself from what I really wanted.

Let me give you an example of one of my clients who was doing the EXACT same thing!

Anna, came to me saying she felt like a failure.

But why?

I was confused…

• She said she loves her job
• She is grateful for the fact she can travel
• She does a body pump instructor course
• And she recently got a dog, too.

But she still felt like a failure…

Because she rated her dating life a 0/10.

Everyone else was telling her she needed to find a man.

“Why don’t you just go on Tinder” – all of her friends kept saying to her.

So… what do you think happened?

She started beating herself up!

And she simply felt like…she was doing it all wrong.

But do you know WHY she wasn’t dating?

Simply because…

She didn’t want to.

Once we realised this, she left the session feeling empowered.

She discovered she wasn’t doing anything wrong at all, she was simply working on her own life…


And she decided to rate her dating aspect of life 10/10 (even though she wasn’t seeing anyone!)

She knew it wasn’t going to be like this forever, but at this point of her life?

It just wasn’t a priority.

So, if you ever feel like you have been doing it all wrong…

• Get clear on YOUR goals and priorities, not anybody else’s.
• Stay focused on your path, don’t allow yourself to be distracted.
• Don’t convince yourself at your friend’s baby shower that all you ever wanted is a baby!

The reality is?

I never really wanted a baby.

I just wanted what other people did.

So now?

I don’t wish I was pregnant.
I’m sure I will want a baby at some point in the future…

But at the moment?
I am just happy for all the mums-to-be…
While staying focused on the things that are important to me.

Because I know that when I get to where I want to be, my priorities will shift

And I will work on trying to have it all (babies including!)…

At the right time!

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January 2022