Blog 1

I hesitated.

I hesitated. I wasn’t sure if I wanted a maternity shoot. I spent my entire pregnancy in lockdown wearing bamboo pregnancy leggings.. Most of the time feeling like a whale that desperately needed to see a hairdresser But then I realised this is exactly why I should get it booked.

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Blog 2

‘Hey…are you ok?’

‘Hey…are you ok?’ I’ve received hundreds of messages like this one across the last few weeks. Which means so much. I am fully aware I’ve taken a step back from social media – all intentional and you know I’m always back So what’s happened within the last few weeks? •

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Blog 3

‘I just don’t want him to FEEL bad’

‘I just don’t want him to FEEL bad’ Hands up if you ever ended up doing something you didn’t really want to do… Just because you were worried that if you didn’t do it, the other person would feel terrible Or even worse – they would start thinking things about

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Blog 4

Cancer surgery anniversary.

Cancer surgery anniversary. This time last year I was waiting for my thyroid to be removed. I was scared. Of the unknown, of what my life was going to look like afterwards. But somewhere deep down I was also dedicated to making my life more meaningful as my way of

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Blog 5

Have you ever heard of love languages?

Last week I almost cut off my finger. (You can actually see a plaster in this photo!) The weirdest thing? I’m so glad it happened because of what followed. That morning I decided to have a bread roll and cut it into halves…I grabbed a wrong knife and boom; it

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Blog 6

I wish I had more time.

I wish I had more time. See, now that I’m pregnant and my body has those ‘I am so exhausted and I haven’t even done a thing’ days… I found myself wishing I had more time. And well – probably more energy, too. It’s been challenging, because I REALLY want

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Blog 8

‘How come you weren’t scared?!’

‘How come you weren’t scared?!’ That’s the question I got asked a lot within the last 48 hours. Most of you have seen the article Fabulous magazine wrote about my 2020 – how the year started from my cancer diagnosis and finished on me happily watching my bump get bigger

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Blog 9

I had a breakdown twice this week.

I had a breakdown twice this week. Yep, not once – twice! I thought I was going to spend this Christmas with Andy’s family and it was going to be such an experience for me and the bump. I also thought we were going to be able to fly to

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Blog 10

Today I’m grateful for 2020.

Today I’m grateful for 2020. And truth to be told – when I was diagnosed with cancer in January this year…well, I never thought I would say that! But it’s true – it’s the best year I have ever had. Cancer diagnosis opened my eyes to a lot of things:

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Blog 11

Do you believe you deserve what you want?

Do you believe you deserve what you want? Knowing what would be good for you is one thing Believing you deserve it…is a whole different story. For instance – I knew I wanted a partner who would think I’m important. Who wouldn’t put me at the bottom of his priority

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Blog 12

Hiding behind work would always be my thing.

Hiding behind work would always be my thing. Always coming up with new projects. New clients. And more to do. Always hearing ‘I don’t know how you can do what you do’ And using it as fuel to do even more. ‘Ah, you know me. I just love what I

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Blog 14

Officially cancer free! ??♥️

Got so used to bad news this year I didn’t even know what to say when the oncologist told me my blood tests came back looking great and I don’t need any RAI treatment Good things happen. Scars look awesome. Cancer journey makes you see what’s really important to you.

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Blog 15

Do you see what I see?

Do you see what I see? Happy Monika on a sunny afternoon holding a shake she hasn’t had in ages? That’s fair enough, I see that too. But there’s so much more than this. This picture MEANS so much more to me. Joe & the juice was the exact place

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Blog 16

It’s about what happens in between…

It’s about what happens in between… Not about the end goal. I mean don’t get me wrong – it’s always great to say that you’re working towards something. That you do, in fact, have a goal. It kind of makes you feel like you’re moving towards something. And your life

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Blog 18

I always attracted feminine guys.

I always attracted feminine guys. Those who would be all about creating, feeling, reflecting… But not necessarily doing. It would be fun, sweet and romantic at first… But finally, I would see a guy like this as one who lacks drive, goals and motivation.. And eventually I would not be

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Blog 19

How creative would you say you are?

How creative would you say you are? Why? Because I do believe finding good things to focus on in times of quarantine… Simply takes some creativity. And I mean A LOT of it. There’s enough negativity in the news as it is. And if you go by the ‘rule of

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Blog 21

Two weeks that turned my life upside down.

I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer this January. I know, I was shocked too. It was all very quick – there were roughly two weeks between the biopsy results and my surgery. Two weeks that turned my life upside down. Because, let’s be honest, when you’re all fit and healthy

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Blog 22

Have you ever had a broken heart?

Have you ever had a broken heart? Do you remember what if felt like? How your family and friends were acting around you trying to cheer you up? How they would do anything in their power in order to help you move on? How getting up in the morning and

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Blog 23

People I work with…work with me ME

I can see most of them at my hen party. When people ask me what women I coach are like – I tell them this. And it’s true. They all get my vibe, they enjoy the level of support I love to offer – and some of them maybe think

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Blog 24

Gratitude used as an excuse…

Gratitude used as an excuse… For not going after you want. ‘I feel terrible and shallow saying it out loud, I should honestly just be grateful for what I have’ ‘So many people don’t even have half of what I do, I should really just shut up and focus on

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Blog 25

Small things that mean the world.

Small things that mean the world. I was dreading going to the gym this morning. I was in pain after yesterday’s workout and kind of just didn’t feel like working out at all. But I pushed through all the resistance and showed up at the gym. After the workout I

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Blog 26

Do you ever just not know who you are?

Do you ever just not know who you are? Or what you want? I used to feel like this. I would take on the persona of whomever I was with at any given moment. Their accent, hobbies, way of being. Friend visiting from NYC meant pulling off my best Carrie

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Blog 27

Imagine you have a rare, life-threatening disease.

Imagine you have a rare, life-threatening disease. The only way to recover is by sitting still and doing nothing for 2 hours five days a week. Two hours without your phone, iPad or TV. Without any interruption. Assuming you don’t want your life to come to an end…how would make

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Blog 28

Overwhelmed with gratitude.

Overwhelmed with gratitude. That’s exactly how I’m feeling right now. In fact, how I’ve been feeling for the whole day. I posted one of my recent posts in one of the groups – I simply thought it’s a message worth sharing. I had zero expectations. I didn’t even know if

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Blog 29

Just say it out loud

Just say it out loud. Ask for it. Stop assuming they’ll know what you want. Because most of the time – they just don’t know. Did you know that men are more likely to become partners at firms because they simply TALK about wanting to become partners right from the

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Blog 30

I ditch my makeup bag.

I ditch my makeup bag. And I wear a baseball cap. I let my hair dry naturally. And I want to go everywhere and eat everything. I wholeheartedly believe hangovers don’t exist And I say: ‘What the hell, why not!’ At least once a day. That’s what happens when I

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Blog 31

‘We will find our way back to each other’

‘We will find our way back to each other’ Because… If the things are meant to be, we will be together again. I would go on a post-break up trip and say it to myself while boarding a plane. Even better! I would go on a date with someone else

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Blog 32

Who do you live your life for?

Who do you live your life for? If you answered MYSELF – you can stop reading now. But if you hesitated… Let me tell you about a girl I met for lunch today. It’s been three months since I saw her last. Today she looked very different, she was glowing.

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Blog 33

What happens when you can’t make a phone call?

What happens when you can’t make a phone call? You see, all the travelling solo is magical… But sometimes no matter how amazing the trip is… At some point something or someone will make you upset. And you’ll feel like shit. Not great at all. The funny thing is that

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Blog 34

‘Why do I always end up dating jerks?!’

‘Why do I always end up dating jerks?!’ Hands up who said it or heard it at least once! You would be surprised how many women tell me they have great careers, supportive friends, hobbies, fabulous holidays… …but they can’t find a partner that makes them happy and treats them

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Blog 35

F is for FAILURE

F is for FAILURE Isn’t this what we are taught at school? Nobody wants to get an F Nobody wants to Fail I was one of those kids, trying to avoid failure at all costs. Despite trying to play it safe, life still managed to serve me situations I could

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Blog 36

Are you lonely?

– Are you lonely? – Not at all. But I am very much alone. The bartender was pretty surprised. Funnily enough, he came back after an hour of me happily drinking beer and eating pretzels. ‘You do seem very happy, I don’t know how you do it’ – he said

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Blog 37

‘English just isn’t your thing, Monika’

‘English just isn’t your thing, Monika’ That’s what I would hear from my high school teacher on a regular basis. Guess what it made me believe about myself? That I will, obviously, never ever be good at it. Fast forward thirteen years… Here I am on a Sunday afternoon reviewing

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Blog 38

‘You’re crazy, Monika!’

‘You’re crazy, Monika!’ ‘I could never do what you do’ Those are the comments I would hear on a daily basis, whenever I mentioned I started my coaching business alongside my 9-5 job. And you see…I really liked my daily job. Being an Executive Assistant and then becoming a Chief

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Blog 39

I’ve told a lot of lies in my past.

I’ve got to be honest about something… I’ve told a lot of lies in my past. I’ve always wanted people to think I am interesting… And in all honesty? I was scared to own up to who I really was. I didn’t believe that I was someone people would like.

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Blog 41

Calling all fans of awkward toilet chats!

Calling all fans of awkward toilet chats! Here I am patiently queuing at the airport and I hear two women talking. One says: – You know what, I finally decided to be healthier. The other asks: – Oh great, what exactly are you doing about it? First woman, slightly offended,

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Blog 42

It’s not just about your first time.

It’s not just about your first time. See… We like to think about our FIRSTS • The first time we went somewhere we have never been • The first time we tried something new • The first time we had sex or smoked a cigarette Firsts are always landmarks. But

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Blog 43

At the right time!

I wish I was pregnant. That’s the crazy sort of thing that would go through my mind on a regular basis… Why? Simply because I went to a baby shower where everybody else was talking about babies. Did I even want a baby? I don’t think I did… But I

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Blog 44

Knocking over that first domino…

Knocking over that first domino… Is both terrifying and exciting. Well, it always used to be for me! Just think… You work so hard on aligning them all one by one… And when it’s all done this little piece of doubt creeps in and makes you think… • What if

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Blog 45

I choose to be a REBEL sometimes!

I will tell you a secret… I choose to be a REBEL sometimes! And I believe it makes me a better person. Crazy, huh?! Well, I am not talking about this ‘rebellious’ behaviour we remember from school when you’re leaning back on your chair, chewing a gum and looking around

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Blog 46

‘What do you do for a living?’

‘What do you do for a living?’ Simple question,right? Well… Turns out more than 70 percent of people hate answering it. Why? • Because we want to answer with something impressive. • Because we want others to respect what we do…. • Because we worry how people are going to

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Blog 47

Do you believe in magic?

Do you believe in magic? This is Maria – one of my first coaching clients. When we connected, two things came up: 1. She loved yoga and was a certified teacher 2. She didn’t believe she could really go out there and teach All of our coaching sessions happened over

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Blog 48

You guys want to know how I felt on Tuesday?

You guys want to know how I felt on Tuesday? On the day when I officially turned 30… BLOWN AWAY. See, I didn’t spend the actual day with one family member. I spent it with people who really didn’t have to be there for me at all. But they chose

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Blog 49

Courage or Comfort?

Courage or comfort? What do you choose most of the time? Chloe used to be the queen of comfort. She would cancel her gym session if her gym buddy couldn’t make it – she couldn’t imagine going on her own. She would never eat out alone either- she was too

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Blog 50

Memories are Forever.

Fire alarm goes off. You need to evacuate. You can only take one thing… I saw people who had to evacuate due to fire alarm not far from my place. It made me think – if it happened to me and I had 2 seconds to grab something with me

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Blog 51

I wish I had more time…

I wish I had more time… Even though I’m pretty good at time management. Wishing each day had maybe only extra six hours or so… So I could fit in a couple of extra phone calls, sessions, workouts… Who can relate?! I’ll tell you a secret… When you wish you

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Blog 52

You know what I’m not so good at?

You know what I’m not so good at? It’s self-compassion. And fineee…a ton of other things,too!? Self-compassion always just seemed pretty awkward… Because aren’t we supposed to learn how to be kind to OTHERS? Given this relationship-driven world we live in… It was always about being kind, caring and understanding

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Blog 53

‘Fuck it, I’ll do it’

‘Fuck it, I’ll do it’ Most of the time, that’s when I know I’m about to spice up my life with a bit of adventure. You may be surprised, but… To me, adventure is not just about jumping off planes or climbing Kilimanjaro. To me, it is saying YES despite

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Blog 54

‘I need help’

‘I need help’ I couldn’t even write it, let alone say it out loud. Make someone think I wasn’t good enough to figure something out myself? No, thanks! It was the worst right after I moved to London. I would literally say ‘YES, I can do it!’… to any task

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Blog 55

What would I say to my 20-year-old self?

What would I say to my 20-year-old self? To be more like the girl I was when I was 5yo! Why? Because that girl was unstoppable. She tried everything she wanted and wasn’t looking around… She was too focused on enjoying life, she didn’t know what it’s like to compare

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Blog 56

Can I Help You?

‘You can’t stop staring at my screen. Can I help you?!’ That’s what I heard from a guy sitting next to me on a plane from Toronto to Quebec. And he was right – as inappropriate as it was, I really couldn’t stop looking at his laptop’s screen. Why? The

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Blog 57

Let’s talk about flirting!

Let’s talk about flirting! Or a version of it I personally can’t stand. I’m sitting in the greatest park in Munich reading a book and there’s this man who sits down next to me. First thing he says? ‘A girl like you would never be interested in a guy like

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Blog 58

Who do you choose not to see?

Who do you choose not to see? The other day I found myself walking around Paddington Station where I noticed this elderly lady with a big suitcase. There was a TON of people around… Everyone focused more on their phones than anything happening around them. I asked if I can

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Blog 59

‘So what…it’s over?!’

‘So what…it’s over?!’ ‘And you’re not dating him anymore?!’ ‘I’m confused – I thought you really liked this guy?!’ I heard this at least ten times over the past 72 hours. You know why I think breaking up is so much better in your thirties than it is in your

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Is Eating Pancakes Black Or White?

Is eating pancakes black or white?

Is eating pancakes black or white? Let’s talk about self-talk. A few years ago you would not see me happily celebrating Pancake Day. Casually enjoying some pancakes, having a great time and moving on with my life. Nope. I would spend hours thinking about the amount of calories I was

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Are You A Batman Or A Spider-Man?

Are you a Batman or a Spider-Man?

Are you a Batman or a Spider-Man? A lot of people think I’m more like Spider-Man… Why? Because they look at me and they say I am LUCKY As if I got bitten by a radioactive spider and got some special superpowers! They don’t understand HOW I can: • Be

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