Calling all fans of awkward toilet chats!

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Calling all fans of awkward toilet chats!

Here I am patiently queuing at the airport and I hear two women talking.

One says:
– You know what, I finally decided to be healthier.

The other asks:
– Oh great, what exactly are you doing about it?

First woman, slightly offended, goes:
– What do you mean? I said a I made a decision to be healthier; isn’t this good enough?!

….sadly, it’s not.

You know why chances are this woman will never actually end up being healthier?

Because her goal isn’t… SPECIFIC ENOUGH

Times and times again I see people who say things like:

* I want to be happier
* I want to be fitter
* I want to be challenged

But when I say:

‘Awesome stuff, what does it mean to you to be happier/fitter/challenged?’… they get all confused.

So next time you set a goal you really want to achieve, answer those first:

* What is it EXACTLY that you want? Maker sure you are specific!

* How are you going to benefit from achieving this goal? Is this goal ACTUALLY important to you?

* How are you going to know you achieved it? Try to stay realistic, no need to go for something unattainable and end up miserable

* When do you want to achieve it by?

…and ideally, find someone who’s going to hold you accountable.

The truth is…if I just decided to simply ‘travel more this year’, I would be probably brushing my teeth in my own bathroom this morning – with my passport still in my bag.

Instead, I decided to:

* Choose Barcelona – my mum loves Gaudi…and I love my mum.

* I knew it would be our annual mother-daughter trip and those mean the world to me

* I’ll know when I made it when I see my mum ordering a third round of tapas and sangria ??

* I knew I wanted it over Easter break – and here we are!

If you really want something – make sure you’re SPECIFIC!

Who knows, you may not only achieve your goal, but also experience some inspiring toilet chats, too!

…if you feel like setting some goals around living a more fulfilling life, don’t forget I’m offering a few more complimentary discovery sessions – link to book in comments! 

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January 2022