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Can I Help You?

‘You can’t stop staring at my screen.
Can I help you?!’

That’s what I heard from a guy sitting next to me on a plane from Toronto to Quebec.

And he was right – as inappropriate as it was, I really couldn’t stop looking at his laptop’s screen.


The guy had HUNDREDS of pictures of Toronto’s CN Tower.

And that’s it.

He was flicking through them with a big smile on his face and I just couldn’t put the two together.

So I asked him.

And he said it’s his favourite building.

At the point when he told me it’s ‘the tallest freestanding structure in the western hemisphere’ and you can see Niagara Falls from its top on a clear day…

I understood.

He was truly, wholeheartedly passionate about it.

You could tell every cell of his body was the happiest when he had a chance to talk about it.

Bloody hell, just by listening to him I wanted to go back to Toronto to smile to the CN Tower myself!

And once again, I saw it right there.

There really isn’t one list with all the right things that will make everyone happy.

Because we are all very different.

I may take pictures of waterfalls, sunrises, dogs and fries.

You may have a beloved album of a building.

And that’s all fine – as long as whatever you choose, makes your ‘happiness list’

Because life really is too short to photograph what others would want you to.

So tell me…

What would I find on the screen of your laptop in your favourite album?