Cancer surgery anniversary.

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Cancer surgery anniversary.
This time last year I was waiting for my thyroid to be removed.
I was scared.
Of the unknown, of what my life was going to look like afterwards.
But somewhere deep down I was also dedicated to making my life more meaningful as my way of saying thank you for getting a chance to start over.
They’re right when they say cancer diagnosis changes you. It really does.
It made me finally focus on me.
It made me realise if I don’t create for myself what I’ve always wanted, nobody is going to do it for me.
And lastly, it made me understand that our time here is limited and ‘one day’ may never come…which is why time to take action is now and not later.
I’ll always be grateful for all those lessons and takeaways.
Because I genuinely don’t think I would be standing here pregnant, smiling to a pram we just bought, head over heels in love with the man I met not even a year ago…if I wasn’t put through this cancer experience.
So much has changed since 7th February 2020, but my favourite thing is that I finally wake up knowing I’m now living the life I’ve always wanted.
It’s no longer about prioritising others and hiding behind work.
It’s about me, too.
And this fact alone means so much.
To everyone going through a really hard time right now – what if you chose to believe it’s all happening FOR YOU and not to you?
What if you chose to use this as fuel to create something your future self would thank you for?
To everyone else:
Nobody says you have to wait for an eye opening event to start living.
I did but that’s not the only way to go.
In fact, I think it takes so much more courage to just wake up and decide that time for me
really IS now and then act on it.
So much can change within 365 days – just look at me.
I’m so much happier, more confident, more at peace with the way my life is.
I finally believe I deserve what I have got and I’m grateful for all the love around me.
I have big plans for me any my little family and I don’t feel like I should apologise for any of it – it feels right.
So when you think of yourself – if anything was possible, how different would your life be a year from now?
Magic happens when you give yourself permission to live fully.
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January 2022