Courage or Comfort?

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Courage or comfort?
What do you choose most of the time?

Chloe used to be the queen of comfort.

She would cancel her gym session if her gym buddy couldn’t make it – she couldn’t imagine going on her own.

She would never eat out alone either- she was too scared people would judge her.

She would pass on the opportunity to go karaoke with colleagues – she had never done it before and was scared people would laugh at her.

Living in her comfort zone wasn’t a massive problem for Chloe until the day a handsome stranger asked her out…

And she said NO.
Because she’s never spontaneously given her number to a stranger before.

She regretted it massively…
That’s when she decided to get a coach.

She was ready to try and see what choosing courage would feel like.

We worked on her fears, limiting beliefs and all the annoying voices telling her not to try new things.

We looked at the payoffs of staying in her comfort zone vs getting out of it.

That’s when she realised three things:

* Once everything was NEW to her.
If she could take up Pilates years ago, there was no reason for her to believe she couldn’t learn Spanish or try a different fitness class.

* She won’t know until she tries.

* She doesn’t care what a bunch of strangers she may never see again could think of her.

Knowing just that allowed her to go out there and experiment with all the ‘firsts’ she’s always wanted to try.

At the end of the twelve weeks we spent together, Chloe mastered the art of reframing anxiety into excitement.

If doing something new scared her at first, she knew she had to try it.

The best thing?
She called me this afternoon to say:

‘Hey, I know you’ll be surprised, but I quit my job and sold my house. I’ll be travelling around the world for the next 18 months.

I have no idea what I’m doing.
But I’m going to figure it out!’

How cool is that?!

Chloe’s confidence improved as soon as she started saying YES to everything new and exciting.

She trusts her own judgement and likes the way she does stuff.

All because she decided to give COURAGE a try.

Hands up anyone who’s ever been presented with something new and daunting and said no, only to walk away wishing they had said yes… ??‍♀️

What would need to happen for YOU to choose courage instead of comfort next time?

Think about Chloe.
Seems like it may be worth it? ???

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January 2022