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Do you believe in magic?

Do you believe in magic?

This is Maria – one of my first coaching clients.

When we connected, two things came up:
1. She loved yoga and was a certified teacher
2. She didn’t believe she could really go out there and teach

All of our coaching sessions happened over Skype and finished long time ago.

This February we met for the first time in person…

What did I find out?

• She’s now a badass yoga teacher running classes all over London.

• And she’s planning more,too!

She invited me to the morning gloryville event last weekend where she did the most incredible yoga class I’ve ever attended – you guys, I was SOOOO proud and grateful and full of joy, it’s crazy!

She created her life around the things that mattered the most to her and I’m just so incredibly happy for her!

If this doesn’t make you believe in magic of coaching, I don’t know what will.
…and chances are, you probably need some glitter in your life,too!???

P.S. If you want to check our Maria’s yogi world, go to @colibriyoga on Instagram!