Do you believe you deserve what you want?

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Do you believe you deserve what you want?
Knowing what would be good for you is one thing
Believing you deserve it…is a whole different story.
For instance – I knew I wanted a partner who would think I’m important. Who wouldn’t put me at the bottom of his priority list…
Not a crazy ask, right?
So why if in my head I knew what I wanted, somehow I would still attract people who would not put me first?
It’s because I spent years believing I’m not important at all.
Consciously, I would know I am – but unconsciously, over twenty five years ago I created a belief I’m not important at all.
Because if I was, my dad would have showed up at every birthday with a gift.
If I was important, I would have gotten an invite to every party in high school.
If I was important, my ex boyfriend would have introduced me to his friends and family.
You see, the interesting thing it all didn’t stop me from creating a pretty good life.
I knew I was capable of working – so I would always do that. A lot.
And hard work would bring me a comfortable life…
But somehow no meaningful romantic relationship.
One that would make me feel great.
And valued.
And important.
And loved.
And then 2020 made me realise that life is short. And uncertain. And so precious.
I dug deeper and deeper and that’s when I realised it’s my ‘ I’m not important’ belief that’s been there all along.
Standing in the way.
Really making me think only important people deserve what I wanted.
And that wasn’t me.
It didn’t happen over night, but I dealt with it – and I can stand here and say I really believe I am important. And saying this doesn’t feel weird :-))
Once that shifted – magic happened.
One – I feel so much lighter.
Two – I’ve met Andy.
Someone who makes me feel valued, important and super loved.
And the fact he suggests we can drive to a dog shelter while on holiday in Skiathos to take dogs for a happy walk (and he’s allergic to dogs (!) but knows how much it would mean to me), almost makes me feel like I actually don’t deserve him at all 🙂
So it can happen.
Magic happens.
We evolve.
What limits us today, doesn’t have to limit us tomorrow.
And one day you can wake up believing you do, in fact, deserve everything you’re working so hard towards.
So how about you – do you believe you deserve what you want?💓 Click Here to Learn from Elementor Website
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January 2022