Do you see what I see?

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Do you see what I see? Happy Monika on a sunny afternoon holding a shake she hasn’t had in ages? That’s fair enough, I see that too. But there’s so much more than this.
This picture MEANS so much more to me. Joe & the juice was the exact place where I decided to build my online coaching business. That’s where I met with a guy who became my business coach and that’s where I said ‘ok, let’s do this’ I was terrified, but I said yes. And it’s hands down one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. So when I spent 2.5hrs walking to Harley Street today to have my fasting blood test done and all the restaurants and cafes around were closed when I was hoping to have at least a cup of coffee after it was all done… It meant SO MUCH to me when I saw (14k steps in!) that Joe & the juice were open for take aways. You know why? Because Joe and the juice to me means that things are going to be ok. More than ok. They’ll be fantastic. Because that one decision made at their restaurant all those years ago showed me how amazing life can be. And I guess I needed this message today. The lockdown The health The unknown we face everyday The moment I got my takeaway from them I felt so much calmer. And I started to believe things are going to be just fine. You see – it’s never about things or events – it’s always about the meaning we attach to them. You may see a girl with a shake. Whilst I see hope, happiness, persistence, hard work, fulfilment And most importantly – a happy ending ? Best 10 Plugins for Your Elementor Website
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January 2022