‘English just isn’t your thing, Monika’

‘English just isn’t your thing, Monika’

‘English just isn’t your thing, Monika’

That’s what I would hear from my high school teacher on a regular basis.

Guess what it made me believe about myself?

That I will, obviously, never ever be good at it.

Fast forward thirteen years…

Here I am on a Sunday afternoon reviewing my clients’ content.

And those pieces are all written by native English speakers.


Living in London became my dream all those years ago.

And I just KNEW there was no other way for me but to learn the language.

I wanted it so badly, I realised I had to start not from sitting down with a book..

But from believing I CAN become good at it.

And I did it.

It’ll always be my second language, but the truth is

I think, dream, live my life in English.

If I had taken my teacher’s words for a fact that could never be changed…

I probably wouldn’t have met so many people who now mean the world to me.

I wouldn’t have coached people across the globe either.

And I surely wouldn’t have written an e-book or got asked to write for a magazine…all in English.

So next time you find yourself thinking there’s something you could never do…

Think again.

Is this a fact or a belief that just isn’t serving you?

And then look at me – I am living proof that if you change a belief, you change everything.

And in long term beliefs are what shapes our destiny…

Which is why I’m genuinely excited for what the future holds.

And really hope so are you?

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