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F is for FAILURE

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F is for FAILURE

Isn’t this what we are taught at school?

Nobody wants to get an F

Nobody wants to Fail

I was one of those kids, trying to avoid failure at all costs.

Despite trying to play it safe, life still managed to serve me situations I could fail at…

• I actually got an F at English at high school – hundreds of times

• The one serious relationship I had and wholeheartedly believed in didn’t last forever

• I can’t even count how many times I got rejected after a date or an interview

Well, it sucked.

And it was painful.

… but it also shaped who I am today.

And I have never been in a better place.

• It turned out if I really try, put my mind into it and combine it with consistency – I can live my life in English – I can even write a book in this language,too!

• The break up gave me the push to become the person I’ve always wanted to be

• Rejection doesn’t break me anymore. I learned to value my worth and when I know how much I can bring into the table, if someone isn’t interested in this, then I respect that- we are clearly after different things.

Have you ever realised you’re actually grateful for some of your failures?

I certainly have.

See, mindset around failure is something we could all really work on…

Instead of treating it as something detrimental to success…

Look at it as a tool that gets us the desirable outcome we are after.

And maybe then…

Just like it happened in my world…

You will start believing that…

F is not really for failure