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‘Fuck it, I’ll do it’

‘Fuck it, I’ll do it’

Most of the time, that’s when I know I’m about to spice up my life with a bit of adventure.

You may be surprised, but…

To me, adventure is not just about jumping off planes or climbing Kilimanjaro.

To me, it is saying YES despite every bit of my comfort zone wanting me to say NO.

It is trying out new experiences, doing something out of ordinary…

Whilst accepting that I may or may not like what I find after I have done it.

It’s keeping an open mind and facing each day with curiosity and excitement.

And it doesn’t have to be big.

It can, in fact, be found in our everyday life.

• It’s ordering a coffee that you’ve never tried before despite knowing that you’re an Americano type of girl.

• It is trying peanut butter and cucumber sandwich despite not ever being able to imagine this combo

• Or choosing to go and work from a different space despite your fav spot in your usual place still being available

Because the truth is – you never know what you may find on the other side.

And worst case – you’ll know that you did it!

Because one thing I truly believe in is that life is about experiences.

Good or bad – they shape who we become.

So if I asked you now when was the last time you were adventurous, what would you say?