Gratitude used as an excuse…

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Gratitude used as an excuse…

For not going after you want.

‘I feel terrible and shallow saying it out loud, I should honestly just be grateful for what I have’

‘So many people don’t even have half of what I do, I should really just shut up and focus on being grateful for everything’

So often I hear women say this.

• We say we want a more comfortable life

• More time spent on just US – not our partners, children, parents

• We want to look and feel better, so we feel more confident, too

You know what it comes down to?

• Making an investment

• And feeling the fear while doing it anyway

Hence why usually so many of us decide to take out the ‘gratitude card’…

And we start convincing ourselves it’s smarter to just focus on what we have got to be thankful for instead…

…while hoping those ‘shallow desires’ just go away.

Because very often we are simply scared of what those close to us would think of our choices.

• Spending money on someone helping you get in shape? YouTube is full of workouts, why would you?

• Booking a solo yoga retreat over the Easter break? It clearly says you don’t care about your family.

• Paying for a sitter because all you want is a date night in this Italian restaurant you love while you know you could just eat at home and save money?

Examples are endless.

We think about what we could do (especially in January!)

And then end up silencing this rebellious voice and never doing any of it.


Because we don’t want to be judged as those who aren’t ENOUGH.

Loving enough
Caring enough
Attentive enough
Responsible enough

But you know what?

Choosing yourself doesn’t equal not choosing anyone else.

• Booking this four day solo yoga retreat in Bali doesn’t make you a bad partner.

• Paying a sitter once a month doesn’t mean you’re the worst parent out there.

• Investing in YOU doesn’t mean irresponsible waste of money.

Just think about how saying YES to all those things you would like to be doing would impact your life.

And if what comes up would make you just a little bit happier..

Stop convincing yourself you should just leave it and be thankful for what you have.

And instead

See what would need to happen for you to just do it.

Think whether being a happier YOU, wouldn’t actually make you a better partner, parent, friend, child or colleague?

And you know what?

People often ask me what my definition of fulfilment is

And I tell them it’s having clarity around who you are and what you want and being happy and grateful for what you’ve got now…

…while perusing goals that are important to you.

And the latter part of this definition is what I would like you to focus on now.

Stay grateful.

But don’t let it stop you from creating the life you want.

? Tomasz Janczurowicz

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January 2022