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Have you ever had a broken heart?

Have you ever had a broken heart?

Do you remember what if felt like?

How your family and friends were acting around you trying to cheer you up?

How they would do anything in their power in order to help you move on?

How getting up in the morning and getting through the day was the last thing you wanted to do?

Well what if just for a split second you assumed…

That everyone you meet has a broken heart.

How would you show up?

Wouldn’t you be just a little more…

Patient ?




And maybe a little less judgmental,too?

You see…heartbreak is unimaginable pain.

I know people who are going through heartbreaks of so many different kinds.

It’s not always a romantic one.

They lost their favourite uncle
A Grandparent

They’re watching their mum deal with Altzheimer

Or they lost their dog, their very best friend.

What do they all have in common?

They show up every day and put a brave face.

And hope that one day it’ll all feel just a little bit easier.

They’re not vocal about what they’re going through.

But it doesn’t mean what they’re experiencing isn’t real.

It hurts.
And so often – it’s so hard for them to keep going.

So next time you want to brush off the conversation with someone and get back to scrolling through your phone…

Remember this:

You may not see it, but deep down…

They might be going through a whole different kind of heartbreak.

And your kindness, understanding and willingness to really be there for them could make a big difference to their day.

So how about instead…

We just assume everybody we meet has a broken heart.

And instead on our phones, we choose to focus on people.



social connections

They are so important to our own wellbeing and happiness.

And the world…

The world somehow would seem like a much better place ♥️

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