Have you ever heard of love languages?

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Last week I almost cut off my finger.
(You can actually see a plaster in this photo!)
The weirdest thing?
I’m so glad it happened because of what followed.
That morning I decided to have a bread roll and cut it into halves…I grabbed a wrong knife and boom; it was all inside my finger VERY quickly.
There was blood everywhere and I only managed to shout ‘Andyyy’ from the kitchen (😅 👸🏼 )
He came to the rescue with all his superhero life-saving tools, but the best thing happened next morning.
I went into the kitchen…and saw a roll already cut into halves just waiting there for me.
Andy cut it for me earlier on, just so I didn’t have to..! 🧡
Have you ever heard of love languages?
It’s our natural way of expressing and communicating love – not just towards romantic partners, towards everyone.
There are five love languages and one that Andy uses a lot is act of service.
He cuts a roll into halves for me.
(Or does my laundry or buys adapters so I can plug in all my hairdryers and laptops)
And what do I do?
I wake up and ask him daily ‘hey, when was the last time I said I love you?!’ 😂💖
I say it out loud, he does it through all those little things.
But we mean the same thing.
Imagine though if we were completely unaware of what the other’s love language was.
If I ignored the roll and focused on the fact he doesn’t say ‘I love you’ seventeen times a day (😂🧡🙋🏼‍♀️)
It could mean a real miscommunication and hurt.
You hear me talk about how different we are as individuals and how there’s no one size fits all formula to fulfilment.
Same goes for expressing love.
Just because someone isn’t showing it the way you do, does not necessarily mean they’re not showing it at all.
Bringing it back to today – my finger, thankfully, looks brand new already and I have a whole new level of appreciation for the life I’m living.
Cheers to bread rolls cut into halves and the bump I can’t hide anymore 💙 Click Here to Learn Elementor Website!
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January 2022