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‘Hey…are you ok?’

‘Hey…are you ok?’
I’ve received hundreds of messages like this one across the last few weeks.
Which means so much.
I am fully aware I’ve taken a step back from social media – all intentional and you know I’m always back 🙂
So what’s happened within the last few weeks?
• We bought a house! Nothing beats this first night in when you wake up and feel like you’re in somebody else’s Airbnb 😉 we have been on a journey of making it our home and it’s been an adventure – from trying to get gas installed all the way into painting the decking together 💛
• We have done two courses for expecting parents and I am here to say I still can’t believe I have an actual person inside me. It’s magical and terrifying at the same time. (No, I still haven’t gotten over the fact I have testicles inside me 😂)
• My so called ‘hospital bag’ is still empty, because just like with packing before holiday, I struggle packing in advance…because I wear my favourite things all the time 😂 #girls
• I’ve decided not to take on any new coaching projects or clients before I know the baby boy is all healthy and ok. And that’s been HARD. But felt so right and still does. And you know what? It’s amazing how someone inside you can make you draw boundaries you never knew you could set before.
Apart from all of that, despite not being able to see my mum throughout the whole pregnancy…I feel like the happiest girl in the world.
Andy has been incredible. We learn and discover one another as we go, but he chooses to be here with me no matter what- even in the lowest of times. (And let me tell you – pregnancy mood swings ARE an actual thing!😬)
I love listening to the sounds he makes while walking around the house, how he sends me a picture of literally every animal he meets outside, how he makes me potatoes with spinach to cheer me up, and how even a trip to the local dump with him turns out to be the coolest experience of all times.
And we genuinely love this baby already.
So for everyone wondering – I am, thankfully, way better than just OK.
And I still sometimes can’t believe how quickly my life has changed.
Because it was only fourteen months ago when my cancer surgery took place and I was alone, doing definitely less than ok…
If my life did a whole 180 within just over a year, just imagine what could happen in yours within the same timeframe?
What would you like to happen?
And you know what?
One of my former clients told me a few weeks ago how she remembers me say last year how I’m finally ready for a serious relationship and everything else it may lead to…
Ekk 😬
and here I am, convinced, ANYTHING is possible.
So don’t give up.
Allow yourself to dream big.
And get yourself to a place where you believe you deserve it all.
Next thing you know, you may find yourself happier than ever.
(And in some extreme cases, you may as well find yourself looking forward to your next trip to the dump,too 😂🧡)
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