How creative would you say you are?

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How creative would you say you are? Why? Because I do believe finding good things to focus on in times of quarantine… Simply takes some creativity. And I mean A LOT of it. There’s enough negativity in the news as it is. And if you go by the ‘rule of four’, you know it takes FOUR good things to overcome one negative one… And we have heard a lot of those recently, haven’t we! I bet your life right now is at least a little bit different than it was before the covid-19 reality. Chances are – you have a little bit more time now. Maybe… • You don’t commute •Don’t go to the gym • Don’t go to the pub • And you’re not out there at the event or a gig you were so looking forward to..! ? What if you were to use this time to create something ‘good’? Something that would help you overcome all this negativity we tend to be focusing on. Maybe it’s one of those things you’ve always wanted to make time for and never did? Look at me – I’ve printed 127 pictures of people and memories that mean the world to me and put them all on one wall. Yeah, I know – a bit crazy, but I’ve wanted to do it for YEARS. And I’m so glad I finally did. And every time I look at it – it makes me smile. (You’re right, pictures of my dog are all over the wall ?) Maybe it IS finally time to do all those things you’ve been thinking about? Maybe it is about • Making this call • Printing those pictures • Writing that email Or saying ‘I’m sorry, I love you’ Or… • Learning how to bake • How to speak Spanish • Or figuring out what actually works for you. It’s very strange times we are living through… But if you were to use the time given to you to create something good, what would you do? And even better – if you were guaranteed to succeed at whatever you chose to spend this time on, what would you do? Whatever it is, it may turn out to be this one thing that will make the upcoming weeks so much more bearable… So maybe it’s worth thinking about? ? Elementor Website
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January 2022