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I always attracted feminine guys.

I always attracted feminine guys. Those who would be all about creating, feeling, reflecting… But not necessarily doing.
It would be fun, sweet and romantic at first… But finally, I would see a guy like this as one who lacks drive, goals and motivation.. And eventually I would not be able to look at him like he was the man I really deeply wanted and desired. Guess what would happen next? I would find myself single – yet again ? Years would go by and I would see myself having a successful career • Becoming a chief of staff • Building a team • Starting my coaching business • Hiring an assistant There was A LOT going on And my relationships? Well, I did way better in my career – let’s put it this way. You probably think I didn’t have enough time for dating, right? Nope. I’ve always made time for dating. I was just dating the wrong guys. It was never about something that was wrong with them. They were perfect the way they were (never thought I would say that, but there you have it!;-)) It was me. You know what happened? My career aspirations made me step into my masculine energy a bit too much – for far too long. So you wonder what I’m talking about? Masculine energy is about rational mind Setting objectives Doing, achieving, planning and giving I figured in order to succeed in my career I have to use my masculine energy. So I did. And it worked out perfectly. The problem is – I forgot how and when to switch the energy back to feminine. And I really am more feminine associated by nature. But because of all those life and business goals I set myself combined with working 24/7… I kind of forgot how to soften and be a feminine woman. You know what that resulted in? Showing up with my masculine energy pretty much all the time. And because opposites attract… I was attracting more feminine associated men. So no bloody wonder things never worked out. But hey – there’s a silver lining. I’m aware of it now. And it’s the best feeling ever. I choose to learn how to balance my feminine and masculine energy (we all have access to both) And I’m grateful for my coaching practice- it helps me create, think and be vulnerable – and all of those are very much related to feminine energy. The trick is now to apply it to different parts of my life… And I’m up for the challenge. Next time you think of how you show up and which energy you use – use it wisely. So you can attract what you believe you deserve… While I’m here wholeheartedly believing this tall, handsome MASCULINE father of my children appreciating all my dresses… Is somewhere out there ? How to Install Elementor?