I choose to be a REBEL sometimes!

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I will tell you a secret…

I choose to be a REBEL sometimes!

And I believe it makes me a better person.

Crazy, huh?!

Well, I am not talking about this ‘rebellious’ behaviour we remember from school when you’re leaning back on your chair, chewing a gum and looking around to see who’s admiring you…

I am talking about being a rebel in the world my mum programmed me to live in when I was a child.

Did you know that within our first seven years of life we are being programmed by adults around us?

The way we are programmed is supposed to protect us and help us survive in future.

We learn what’s right and what’s not

All the DOs and DON’Ts

And even what the best way of brushing our teeth is!

Years go by and we continue living our lives…

But the way we have been programmed is still engraved deep inside us.

So what’s the issue?

Let me tell you:

I remember when I came across intermittent fasting that required not eating until lunchtime.

I was curious and a part of me really wanted to try it…

But I couldn’t stop hearing my mum’s voice saying…

‘Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day…’

And how not eating for many hours would never be a good idea.

The list of those little things at the back of my head that were holding me back was much longer:

• I should never get on a motorbike with a stranger

• I should never drink tap water

• I should never go to some places alone

I saw people doing things that I also wanted to try, but it just didn’t seem like something that would fit in to the world I was used to.

It all changed when one day I decided to give myself permission…

To trust MY OWN judgement!

• I realised no one knows my boundaries better than me

• I became grateful for the way I was programmed while admitting not everything served the person I have become

• I started searching for those moments of feeling both excited and scared

• I knew if I wanted to experience more, I had to be willing to try things I have never done before

It really transformed my life.

I love the adrenaline that comes every time I get out of my comfort zone.

I implement intermittent fasting to my daily routine whenever I want to – and see only benefits of it.

I share unforgettable stories with friends who were once strangers on a motorbike.

I travel solo and I climb up to caves not everyone has the courage to go to.

I know myself and I trust my intuition.

Breaking some of the rules of my childhood programming changed my life for the better:
• I am happier
• I am challenged
• I experience more
• I make memories that mean the world to me

Have you ever thought of trying something new, but the voice in your head told you not to do it?

Maybe it’s time to try and break some of those childhood rules?

Just because you have never tried some things before, does NOT mean you never can!

And if you’re worried about hurting the people who programmed you all those years ago?

Guess what – my mum still loves me! (Well, hopefully!)

She is a mum – she is always worried!

And even though she will never drink tap water with me…

She is definitely proud I have the courage to be a rebel sometimes!

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January 2022