I ditch my makeup bag.

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I ditch my makeup bag.

And I wear a baseball cap.

I let my hair dry naturally.

And I want to go everywhere and eat everything.

I wholeheartedly believe hangovers don’t exist

And I say:

‘What the hell, why not!’

At least once a day.

That’s what happens when I travel.

And then I get back to London and realise I forgot how to use an eyeliner.

I say ‘until next time’ to my cap…

Whilst I take out my jewellery from the drawer.

And worst of all – I have a glass of wine and a terrible headache next day!

You see, it was my pattern of being for a very long time.

Until I sat down and realised…

How much I love this ‘holiday version of Monika’

• Constantly curious

• Craving new challenges

• Caring more about experiences than what other people may think of her

So I decided to introduce her to my everyday life in London…

• I have days with my hoodie and a cap

• I put my phone on don’t disturb and I talk to strangers

• I am a little bit more present and I experience so much more

And as a result?

I’m so much happier.

And as crazy as it sounds – it wasn’t the easiest for me to do.

Because…you know – I’ve always liked to feel fabulous in London.

And I guess I was afraid that fabulous London wouldn’t accept not so fabulous version of Monika…

But when I found the courage…

And gave it a try…

I realised London was happy to have me no matter what.

Then magic happened…

It turned out I’ve never felt more fabulous before.

So now I mix it all up – I wear my sketchers, walk aimlessly and make effort to meet new people…

And a few hours later I buy a dress that makes me feel like I could totally advertise Chanel #5 ?

Being happier is one thing

But I just love the fact…

That I’ve never felt more like MYSELF.

And how I no longer have to wait for a trip to access this version of me.

So my question is..

Who are YOU when you travel or when you’re on vacation?

How different is this person from your everyday YOU?

What’s your favourite thing about them?

And what if you found the courage to be this person all the time?

Hangover may never go away…

But ditching your makeup bag for a day or switching off your phone may be a good start ?

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January 2022