‘I need help’

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‘I need help’

I couldn’t even write it, let alone say it out loud.

Make someone think I wasn’t good enough to figure something out myself?

No, thanks!

It was the worst right after I moved to London.

I would literally say
‘YES, I can do it!’…
to any task thrown my way

And I would spend HOURS dying on the inside trying to make something work.

Ha, amount of times I locked myself in a disabled toilet at work just to sit on the floor for a few minutes trying to calm down…

But you know what?

I succeeded at most things I said YES to…

…but man, was I exhausted!

See, I now know it wasn’t about everyone else thinking I wasn’t good enough…

It was about me not believing I actually was ENOUGH just the way I was.

I didn’t believe I was good enough to live a fancy London life at the first place.

I wholeheartedly believed asking anyone for help would make my self image even weaker than it already was.

So I continued doing everything by myself…until the day when my manager told me:

‘Think about the impact you can make by asking for help and delegating to others’

And I tried it.

And it worked.

And I was moving faster than ever.

Somewhere along the way my self-acceptance started showing up.

And I started being proud of myself, too.

That’s when it became easier to start getting vulnerable

And that’s when I started asking for help in every aspect of my life.

• I didn’t know what I wanted, but I knew what I had wasn’t enough – I reached out to my coach and said I needed help.

• I knew I wanted my own business,but had no idea how to do it – I reached out and said I needed help.

• I didn’t have anyone to join me for a filming project – I reached out and said I needed help.

See, the best thing about it is that I no longer believe asking for help means I’m weak…

Because it gets me where I want to go faster than my solo performance – and that itself makes me stronger.

And people who are happy to help?
They’re the best kind of people!

And now I know I AM enough and London is pretty lucky to have me around… ?

And I no longer struggle asking for help when I need it.

How do you feel about asking for help?

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January 2022