I wish I had more time.

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I wish I had more time.
See, now that I’m pregnant and my body has those ‘I am so exhausted and I haven’t even done a thing’ days…
I found myself wishing I had more time.
And well – probably more energy, too.
It’s been challenging, because I REALLY want to fully embrace all the changes my body is going through…and ideally do it with a smile, too.
I mean it’s incredible – I’m growing a fantastic (I’m biased already,I know!:)) PERSON in my belly – obviously it’s taking energy away from me.
I know it all on a logical level, but…
I would still find myself annoyed on my ‘I can only stay in bed and nap’ days.
And today I realised something big.
I’m not annoyed and frustrated because I’m pregnant and it’s all tiring and I can’t do as much – I’m at peace with that.
I’m even at peace with all the hormonal mood swings, too! (Not sure about Andy, but hey 😅😍)
I’m annoyed at myself for not respecting my time on days when I feel amazing and energised…
Because I let people cross my personal boundaries.
Boom, I said it.
And that makes me feel less in control over my time and less important…
…so no wonder I’m frustrated and annoyed.
Funny, because I have done a lot of boundaries work already – and they still sometimes come back to me 😉
It’s so easy to fall into this trap if you’re naturally a giving person who loves helping others…
It’s every ‘YES sure’ when a friend asks for a call when all you had planned for yourself was a solo walk in silence to reenergise
It’s every ‘Of Course I can go there with you’ when someone close to you asks but you know you already had plans
Or every session that overruns because, well, you just want your client to get the best experience…
All I want to say is that – pregnant or not – we have enough time.
And what my frustration has been trying to tell me is to make better use of time and energy I have now – instead of wishing things were different.
And how finding ways to stick to my personal boundaries will benefit me now and later on, too.
Because respecting our own boundaries does not mean not respecting others.
Because respecting yourself doesn’t make you a terrible person.
And because when this day comes and I plan a family walk in a park at 1pm
I want to make sure I show up there on time, without any feeling of guilt.
And without wishing I had more time – only embracing and appreciating fully the time I do have.
How good would you say you are respecting your personal boundaries?
I would love to know 🧡 Click Here to Learn Elementor!
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January 2022