I wish I had more time…

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I wish I had more time…

Even though I’m pretty good at time management.

Wishing each day had maybe only extra six hours or so…

So I could fit in a couple of extra phone calls, sessions, workouts…

Who can relate?!

I’ll tell you a secret…

When you wish you had more time, it rarely ever really is about having more time.

We rush through life, trying to get faster to a future moment, in which we think our life will be better than it is now.

• You may feel you are not successful enough in this moment, so you want more time to get more things done.

• You may feel you’re not the best parent/ partner /friend, so you want more time to convince yourself and everyone around that isn’t the case.

• You may feel like you’re constantly missing out on something, so you want more time to participate in everything.

When you dig a little deeper, you realise that wishing you had more time…

Very often is about something else that you believe you do not have enough of in your life right now.

So next time you find yourself wishing you had more time…

I would like to invite you to get clear on this vision of the future moment you’re trying to get to.

Is everything you’re currently doing each day getting you closer to this moment?

Or you’re filling your days with things and activities you feel you ‘should be doing’ that are slowing you down?

See, what you may find is that ditching work drinks for this extra workout you’ve been trying to make time for for ages…feels really good.

…because it’s getting you closer to who you want to become.

And all of a sudden it may turn out you actually don’t want to participate in everything happening around you.

Only in those things that are getting you closer to who you want to become.

And the best thing?

It may turn out 24 hours is enough and you’re no longer wasting any minute of it.

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January 2022