Is eating pancakes black or white?

Is eating pancakes black or white?

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Is Eating Pancakes Black Or White?

Is eating pancakes black or white?

Let’s talk about self-talk.

A few years ago you would not see me happily celebrating Pancake Day.

Casually enjoying some pancakes, having a great time and moving on with my life.


I would spend hours thinking about the amount of calories I was to consume.

And how it definitely wasn’t going to be worth it.

When the day came, I would eat one pancake, because everyone around was having them…

And it would make me feel like the worst person on earth – a total failure.

So I would treat this day as ‘wasted 24hrs’ and go on binge eating for the rest of the day punishing myself for being such a worthless human being.

The pattern was simple:

1. I would THINK eating pancakes is just bad for me

2. I would TELL myself if I have one, I’ll be the worst person on earth

3. Once I had one, I would FEEL like crap and someone without any self control that deserved to be punished

…all because I wanted a HEALTHY, HAPPY, BALANCED LIFE, ha!

I used to think happiness was black & white.

That things can only be either good or bad and there’s nothing in between.

Instead of happiness…
I ended up with chronic disappointment.

All changed when I decided to put it all in perspective:

* I admitted one day full of pancakes wasn’t going to ruin any healthy lifestyle I was trying to have

* I realised I didn’t want to spend hours thinking about things as trivial as this

* I acknowledged the connection between what I think and tell myself & how it makes me feel

See, the change didn’t happen overnight.

In fact – it’s still an ongoing process.

But the difference is – now I know how what I tell myself is going to impact how I feel.

And I choose to feel as good as I possibly can.

So now I wake up feeling excited on the Pancake Day.

I celebrate and I move on with my life.

Black and white is no longer the way I think…couldn’t say the same about the way I dress, I guess! ?

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January 2022