It’s about what happens in between…

It’s about what happens in between…

It’s about what happens in between…

Not about the end goal.

I mean don’t get me wrong – it’s always great to say that you’re working towards something.

That you do, in fact, have a goal.

It kind of makes you feel like you’re moving towards something.

And your life has some sort of direction.

I know, I’ve been there myself.

But you know what I’ve realised?

Goals are limiting.

My favourite stories aren’t related to goals I set for myself.

Yeah, I know, you thought you’ll never hear me say that – but here I am!

More often than not we are SO focused on achieving our goals we forget to remain open to what happens along the way.

Goals tend to prevent us from being open to all those other opportunities that come while we are busy getting from A to B.

I remember when I told myself I’ll find a guy who ticks all the boxes

Met one who ticked maybe 3 out of 23

So guess what – I said no to the second date

Because, hellooo, he wasn’t what I planned in my head.

And thank God he was persistent – because when I look back, I had one of the best years of my life when we dated.

When I think about it- he’s the guy I think about with the biggest smile.

He opened my eyes to all those other things I had never thought about before.

And it doesn’t end there!

When I think about my first ever solo trip…

Initially, I wanted to plan it all from London.

Every-single-day of the trip.
Because I wanted to see as much as possible – I would tell myself

Guess what? My favourite place in Vietnam (Phong Nha!) is the place I didn’t even know existed when i was back in London planning the trip.

My point here?

Set the goals, make them smart.

But give yourself permission to be open to what happens along the way, too.

Detours lead to discovery.

They did in my case.

You don’t know what will make you feel most alive until you try it.

It may not be easy.

Not if you’re used to planning, accomplishing and goal setting.

But it’s worth giving a shot.

Because what if you get to the end goal and it feels a little bit off?

Not as great as it was supposed to?

Then what you found on your journey up to this point may be all you want to hold on to.

And even better

All the derailing, the adventure, the unexpected that’s made you grow may help you set a new goal

That will feel a little bit more aligned with the new ‘you’

What needs to happen for you to start experimenting just a little bit more?

Saying yes to something or someone that does not tick all the boxes?

What do you need to let go of to start being ok with what wasn’t initially part of the plan?

Think about it.

Chances are if you try if…

You may find even more than you thought you were looking for at the first place.

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