You Are Currently Viewing It’s Not Just About Your First Time.

It’s not just about your first time.

It’s not just about your first time.


We like to think about our FIRSTS

• The first time we went somewhere we have never been

• The first time we tried something new

• The first time we had sex or smoked a cigarette

Firsts are always landmarks.

But you know what?

Life is full of little endings.

And often we simply don’t pay them enough attention.

Last Sunday I found out I’ll have to move out of the place I’ve been living in for the last 8 years.

Safe to say, I was pretty shocked when I got the news.

Amount of times I created colour-coded cleaning rota documents for my housemates…


And today?

Today was the very last time I did my cleaning part of THIS house.

And I have to say – I don’t think I’ve ever looked at our bathtub with such a big smile on my face!

Because despite the whole move being quite scary (how do I pack all of those dresses and books?!) …

Today I am choosing to CELEBRATE.

Because every ending IS a new beginning.

I realise sometimes it’s hard to predict our very ‘last time’

But when we can, I genuinely believe we should take the time to reflect on this closure.

What did we learn?
What memories did we make?

Just to then move on feeling grateful…

…and excited for what’s to come!

And as I am sitting here writing this

I am embracing the unknown

And I know I’m totally ready for this new adventure!

How about your little endings?

Can you think of a time when you did something for the last time and the impact it had on your life?

I would love to know ?