You Are Currently Viewing I’ve Told A Lot Of Lies In My Past.

I’ve told a lot of lies in my past.

I’ve got to be honest about something…

I’ve told a lot of lies in my past.

I’ve always wanted people to think I am interesting…

And in all honesty?

I was scared to own up to who I really was.

I didn’t believe that I was someone people would like.

I decided it would be a good idea to pretend I was someone else.

When I was growing up, I would make up stories to my friends about having a nice big family house…

But we only had a flat.

Getting a bit older, I would tell people I went to the most popular clubs in London.

But I had never been to any.

I would agree with everything everyone would say, so they thought we were similar.

But I had the complete opposite opinion.

I would hang out with people who believed only losers are friends with their parents.

But I talked my mum every day.

And God forbid somebody figured out I was from Poland!

I really hated that.

I guess you can imagine how this made me feel?



… and the more I tried to be somebody I was not, the more unhappy and more lost I felt.

Then I realised something…

The reason I had been lying to people this whole time…

I didn’t like myself.

…and because I didn’t like myself?

I assumed other people wouldn’t like me either.

Someone once told me that “It all starts with you!”

I didn’t understand that before, but when I started to want to make changes…

I realised I needed to work on myself first.

•​I became curious about who I was
•​I started to try and let go of the things I didn’t like about myself
•​But most of all, I found my voice and decided to give my real self a chance


I started to like myself a bit more…

I started to be as authentic as possible…

I started to own who I really was!

That’s when the magic happened!

I now LOVE telling stories about my mum working harder than anyone I know to give us a loving home, even if it was just in a flat and not a huge house.

Everyone knows I would rather spend a night cuddling dogs, than partying in clubs anyway!

I am surrounded by the best and most supportive people who mean the world to me, who truly value my opinion.

I love talking to my mum, and we even have an annual mother & daughter trip I look forward to.

I am proud of the country I am from; it’s part of me and my journey.

You see, life is short…

There is no time to do anything other than express yourself fully.

So now?

I like myself enough to find MYSELF interesting and that gives me the courage to share it with others.

The funny thing is…

Now I do that, people seem to like me more!

I even get invited to some of the popular clubs in London,no joke!

And the only lie I tell now?

Is that I have a headache so that I can stay in all night and cuddle my dog anyway.

What would happen if you started to own who you really are?