Just say it out loud

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Just say it out loud.

Ask for it.

Stop assuming they’ll know what you want.

Because most of the time – they just don’t know.

Did you know that men are more likely to become partners at firms because they simply TALK about wanting to become partners right from the start?

Whilst women…

Women work 80hrs long weeks HOPING their hard work will be appreciated and they will be made partners…

And guess what?

The committee just assumes they love their job as it is.


Because they don’t ever talk about what they actually want.

You see – I spent sooo many years

• Doing extra projects at school (Yep, I’m still a nerd ???‍♀️)

• Staying late at work

• Convincing myself what I was getting from a guy I was with was enough

…because one day they were all going to figure out what I ACTUALLY wanted and they were going to give it to me.

All until the day when I realised it wasn’t the case at all.

Nobody was reading my mind.

Everybody just assumed I was happy with what I had.

Whilst deep down I couldn’t stand the fact all the extra effort was going unnoticed.

Eventually, the pain of not getting what I wanted was greater than the idea of just…asking for it.

And I found the courage – I said it all out loud.

Guess what?

Everyone was surprised.

And I got everything I had been working so hard for – so bloody quickly.

Do you think I would have ever become a Chief of Staff, if I didn’t ask for it?


So my question for you is:

This one thing you’ve been hoping to eventually get…

What would you have to let go of to find the courage to just ask for it?

They say if you can ask for what you want in the bedroom, you can ask for it anywhere…

So why not just give it a try?

You would be surprised how great your life can actually get ? ?

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January 2022