Knocking over that first domino…

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Knocking over that first domino…

Is both terrifying and exciting.

Well, it always used to be for me!

Just think…

You work so hard on aligning them all one by one…

And when it’s all done this little piece of doubt creeps in and makes you think…

• What if it doesn’t flow the way I want it to?

• What if it stops somewhere in the middle?

• What if all my hard work is wasted?

Well, I have good news for you – dominoes aligned right, can actually knock down things one-and-a-half- times their size!

So if you put the effort in and align them correctly…

You WILL succeed and achieve your perfect wave.

Now think about your biggest goal…

The one that’s so big you almost don’t think it’s achievable.

Write it down and look at it as your very last domino block.

…and then walk your way backwards.

Let’s say you simply want to be HAPPIER

• What exactly needs to happen for you to know you achieved it?

• Write down every single thing

• Put them all in sequential order

• If some of them seem too big, feel free to break them down! (The more domino blocks, the better the effect,right!;-))

• Set a timeline…

• And see what domino block you have to knock down today to get this all moving!

Even if it’s making a phone call, updating a CV or getting up earlier…

Doesn’t matter how small the first block seems, it will bring you incredible results.

…and don’t forget – if you put the work in and align the blocks right, you WILL succeed and get to the end!

It’s a fact.

So instead of worrying about all the WHAT IFs…

Make a decision to become unstoppable.

Knock your first domino over today…

And get this chain reaction started.

And you’ll make BIG things happen, I can tell you that!

…if you like the idea, but aren’t sure where to start or how – drop me a note; I would love to see if I can help!✨ ?

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January 2022