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Let’s talk about flirting!

Let’s talk about flirting!
Or a version of it I personally can’t stand.

I’m sitting in the greatest park in Munich reading a book and there’s this man who sits down next to me.

First thing he says?

‘A girl like you would never be interested in a guy like me’

Five minutes in he adds:

* How he hates going to work

* But isn’t thinking of changing jobs,because the current one pays the bills

* Doesn’t have time for any hobbies, but hey – he would find time to see me, if I was interested!

Ladies and Gentlemen,
No matter how good-looking you are, the above combined with puppy dog eyes IS NOT the greatest way of selling yourself to the other person!

Be proud of who you are!
Be proud of what you do!
Be proud of the life you’ve created for yourself!

And if you’re not proud of your life just yet,I have great news for you…
… you have the power to change it!

You just need to want it bad enough.

Those special chats that make you stop thinking about everything else…
The ones you can feel in your stomach
That leave you wanting more…

They’ll only really happen, when you manage to convince the other person THEY ARE LUCKY to be talking to YOU!

Sadly, but unsurprisingly, I wasn’t feeling lucky at the park today.

Make sure you like yourself and your life first.
And when you do..
Everything will become easier.
And all the right people will be dying to be able to flirt with YOU!????