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Memories are Forever.

Fire alarm goes off.
You need to evacuate.
You can only take one thing…

I saw people who had to evacuate due to fire alarm not far from my place.

It made me think – if it happened to me and I had 2 seconds to grab something with me – what would it be?

It didn’t take me long.
It would be my piglet I’ve had ever since I was 5yo.
I thought ‘if I was to start over, I would like us to do it together’


Because amount of MEMORIES I have with this piglet is ridiculously huge.

He’s been there through all my break ups, failures, trips, country moves.

He wouldn’t mean anything to you, but he means the world to me.

Experiences that are meaningful and memorable make us happier than shiny possessions:

• We don’t compare them in the same way – my memories from a trip aren’t better than yours

• We enjoy anticipating them – whilst waiting to buy a new car usually means feeling impatient

‘Having things’ is sometimes easier than having the courage to get out of the comfort zone and make memories through new experiences.

But novelty of shiny things always wears off….

So if you find yourself wondering whether to buy a fancy new watch or go for a getaway weekend…

Think about what will help you create more meaningful memories?

Maybe having less, but experiencing more is the way to go?

Maybe an old piglet can actually mean more than six new laptops?

Most possessions can be replaced.
Memories are forever.

So if there was a fire and you had to grab one THING, what would it be and why?

I’m sure there is some memorable story behind it! ??