You Are Currently Viewing Overwhelmed With Gratitude.

Overwhelmed with gratitude.

Overwhelmed with gratitude.

That’s exactly how I’m feeling right now.

In fact, how I’ve been feeling for the whole day.

I posted one of my recent posts in one of the groups – I simply thought it’s a message worth sharing.

I had zero expectations.

I didn’t even know if the post was going to be approved.

At this stage over 14000 people engaged with it.

Almost a 1000 took their time to comment on it.

I got hundreds of direct messages.

All of them filled with…just so much love.

Things like:

‘Thank you. That’s exactly what I needed to hear right now’

‘I never looked at it this way, I can’t wait to start applying it to my every day life’

‘You’re an inspiration’

Or my personal favourite:

‘I hope you know you could be a writer. In fact I hope you are one, because you truly are amazing’

Some of you read my post about my English teacher from school who made me believe English ‘just wasn’t my thing’

And here I am reading all of those comments and I’m so bloody glad I found the courage to prove her wrong.

And then one of my clients messages saying she sold her package for a price she never thought was possible.

The client who when we started working together had zero confidence around her own self, let alone selling anything.

And here she is, totally smashing it.

Building her life the way she’s always wanted to.

…and I get to be a part of the process.

Honestly guys, if you go out there wanting to just help people, magic happens.