People I work with…work with me ME

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I can see most of them at my hen party.

When people ask me what women I coach are like – I tell them this.

And it’s true.

They all get my vibe, they enjoy the level of support I love to offer – and some of them maybe think I’m funny, too!

Crazy, I know, but listen up.

I’ve spent most of this January doing various medical checks and for instance – it turned out I’m intolerant to pretty much everything I’ve been eating.

No porridge
No Nutella
No gluten, dairy or nuts

And the most heartbreaking of all – no potatoes.

The list goes on, but I won’t bore you ?

The point is…

I was struggling.

The day I got the results I felt so bloody lost.

I posted in my FB group asking for some advice and got so much support.

But it gets better.

So SO many women I coached in the past or I’m coaching now who’ve seen the post reached out to me.

My whatsapp was full of voice notes

There were emails, messages and texts.

All structured in a similar way:

1. I’ve seen what you’re struggling with
2. I’m here for you
3. I can help with this / I know someone who’s been going though a similar thing – I can put you in touch
4. You’ve got this!

It was just SO BEAUTIFUL to experience.

You see…

People I work with…work with me ME
The real me.

They know I could eat a packet of milk chocolate coated hobnobs on a bad day.

Or message them at 5am to help them with their accountability.

And I have no doubts we all ended up working together because there was something about the authentic ME…that they simply liked and resonated with.

(Even if it’s hobnobs addiction only, hey – I still had the guts to share it with them!?)

My point is – if you give yourself permission to be unapologetically YOU, the right people will come.

You don’t have to wear heels and a suit and pretend you’re somebody you’re not.

You can wear sneakers and talk about Nutella and STILL MAKE IT.

So if you’re struggling to go out there and be YOU, I would love to have a chat with you.

Because I once thought all those little things about me were pointless to share with the world.

I was afraid nobody would understand, let alone resonate.

And now?

Well, let me put it this way:

If I was to have a gluten, dairy and potato free hen party…

I am pretty sure at least some of the people in my life would still show up! ??

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January 2022