What My Clients Say


I am still amazed that it took Monika just one session to help me see my situation from a completely different perspective. After first 60 mins with her I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel I couldn’t see before. I needed clarity and she helped me understand what I valued, what was important to me and what in my life wasn’t working. I now take action aligned with the vision of the life I wanted to create during that first call with Monika. It feels like something in my brain shifted and I finally have the courage to do all the things that always seemed too scary. I couldn’t be happier and I can’t wait for what the future holds. As for Monika? She is very warm yet professional . She listens to you without any judgement and just makes you feel very comfortable! I am so happy we connected!

Raquel Bereng


I really loved the coaching sessions with Monika. Firstly, it’s so difficult to find someone to speak with who will not pass any judgment. I was able to really be totally honest and open in my conversations with Monika, and it really helped to pass the block I had. I’ve never done anything like this before, but it just felt like such a natural process to be in. I’m now finally looking forward to the possibilities ahead.

Bina Bhudia

Head of Finance

Monika has re-energised me! I was looking for a coach and one of my friends recommended Monika and it has been one of my best decisions at a challenging time in my life.

Monika made me feel very comfortable, has an innate ability to provide the right level of challenge at the right time.

Our sessions have led to lots of aha moments, and I always ended rejuvenated and inspired. I am now taking actions to reach my goals.

Over my coaching journey, Monika has been genuine, supportive, compassionate, personable and caring.

If you’re looking for a coach, do not hesitate to contact her, you will be so happy you did!


Personal Assistant

Maria Eilersen, Yoga Teacher

I am so grateful to have connected with Monika during a time of great uncertainty in my life. Her coaching style is incredibly compassionate, engaged and supportive, simplifying my overwhelming and emotional hurdles into manageable and empowering action. Thanks to her encouragement, I was able to identify what in my life truly nourishes me, and face the fears standing between me and my dreams. Monika helped me step into my power, stand in my truth and live authentically. I cannot recommend her enough!

Maria Eilersen

Yoga Teacher

Alejandro Martinez Monge,Communication specialist, traveller and adventurer

One of the reasons why I picked Monika over other potential coaches was how relatable and down-to-earth she seemed. Despite knowing she worked mostly with women, I knew I wanted her as my coach.

I was surprised when we met for our first session by how easy it was to talk to someone I just met for the first time and what a good, non-judgemental listener she is.

During our sessions together, Monika guided me with her questions in an extraordinary way and prompted a lot of realisations. I understood what’s important to me and that I CAN make things happen. I can’t recommend her enough!

Alejandro Martínez Monge

Communication specialist, traveller and adventurer

Tasia Rice Hendrickson, Sales Manager & a badass mum of two

I was struggling. Struggling because all I wanted to do was to be good at my job, and I wasn’t. I was failing. When I have always excelled. 
After just 2 (incredible) hours of speaking with Monika I had basically talked myself in a circle and as she pointed out, I already knew the answers to my questions.

I couldn’t thrive in the current environment I was working in. My home life was suffering, my physical health was suffering, and it had only been 3 months. 
I needed to move on from this and she gave me the confidence I needed to have to make that happen.

I don’t know what the future holds. All I know is that today was my last day, and I’m so grateful for Monika. My body doesn’t hurt from stress, and I can tell my husband that I’m okay and really mean it.

There is so much I can’t write here to explain the depths of what was going on. However, I highly recommend reaching out to Monika if you are at a cross road and need that extra push. She is truly incredible.

Tasia Rice Hendrickson

Sales Manager & a badass mum of two

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