What My Clients Say


Testimonials 1

When Monika and I first connected, I had no idea she was a coach. I just liked her energy and vibe so much. She is an amazing woman; fun, so kind-hearted and genuinely caring.

At that time I was just looking into coaching courses and taking those first steps to setup my coaching practice. I believe faith must have had something to do with us finding each other. She was exactly was I needed and didn’t really know I was looking for!

We hopped on a Discovery call a few days after and talked about what was possible. I didn’t hesitate for a second and signed up for the 6 month coaching program.

Throughout the program, Monika set out a clear base for how it might be possible to build my coaching practice. She shared ideas and suggestions and we set goals. She would encourage me along the way, making sure I stayed authentic and holding me accountable. I felt very safe and supported by her. It was like having my personal cheerleader!

Of course, with every new step, I was confronted with new hurdles and fears I had to face. Monika was very patient and understanding about whatever was coming up for me. Yet, she always managed to help me get past those moments by challenging my fears, beliefs and coached me into the right mindset. During all our sessions and our interaction in between, she was very professional and engaged in my journey and growth.

Over those few months working with Monika, I learned a lot and grew so much as a person and a coach. I got so much more out of this journey than I ever expected! I can honestly say I feel so confident being out there in the online space as a coach and believe in the true value I can offer my clients. And I know Monika played a huge part in me getting there. I feel so much love and gratitude for our journey together!

To conclude, I can wholeheartedly recommend Monika to anyone wanting to start their own coaching business or anyone that wants to grow and improve themselves in life.

Nathalie Serneels

Coach, adventurer, life enthusiast & kind human

Testimonials 2

Monika is gifted in her coaching approach and has an innate ability to enlighten you on where you’ve been, where you are now and where you want to be in life both personally and professionally. I’ve grown to know myself in a clearer light and now have a path forward. 

The live group sessions brought out valuable perspectives in a safe, honest environment. I’ve already revisited the content to help keep me on track and accountable.

I’ve already recommended Monika’s courses to friends, co-workers and even family members.

Karen Ulrich

Testimonials 3

Firstly, Monika is a warm, professional, real and an engaging wonderful human.  She is honest about her life and previous challenges which she has changed dramatically.  This made the course seem not as daunting.

Secondly, the workbooks were very thorough and made one think deeply about issues never thought about before.  Each week I was left thinking about all the patterns in my life and the ones that need to be changed to achieve what I am looking for in 2021.

Thirdly, the weekly Zoom meetings were so necessary, enlightening and meeting the other ladies from other countries was wonderful.  Interesting that we often had similarities in our lives and identified with each other.  

I particularly loved the weekly feedback from Monika and the other people in the course, on ourselves and commenting on each other’s progress.  It was fascinating watching everyone’s transformation and growth over the month.  People gained trust and confidence in each other and themselves.

Monika managed the meetings extremely professionally.  I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to change their patterns and wanting to make their new life wonderful.

Sue Le Roux

Testimonials 4

I have known Monika’s work for over a year now and when she introduced her new program about courage I had an instant urge to sign up which then led me to ‘The Time for Me is Now’ one month long program.

It was a great investment for my personal growth.

I absolutely loved interacting and getting to know everyone with the small group we had, and learning that I’m not alone with trying to and needing to better my life this way.

We all have our individual story and its challenges.

Monika has put together an extensive workbook for us to complete each week.

These were easy to follow but triggered the points that needed working on and they took me on a journey where I could dig deeper and deeper into my self-discovery process.

Every part of the program was just right and well structured. 

With the weekly live sessions came accountability and having multiple streams of support & overview of each of our story. First I found this challenging but it was part of our growth and it had a huge benefit on the outcome.

My takeaways are:

  1. Discovering how to deal with my self-doubts; 
  2. Finding out what my real weaknesses are and how to work on them, especially on my boundaries. So I can now stand up for myself and my opinions. I no longer avoid confrontation and don’t compromise the things that matter the most to me.
  3. Learning what I really want and how to prioritise my actions to get to where I want to be
  4. Learning to receive (which isn’t all that easy when you are a giver and people pleaser)

I will definitely be completing the workbooks over and over again!

Monika is just an incredible human being. She is kind, accepting, supporting, inspiring and has a sharp eye & ear for what needs pointing out and working on. We had so many realisations.

I can recommend her coaching with great confidence to anyone.

Linda Bereczki

Testimonials 5

Working with Monika for a month in an intensive manner helped me a great deal. She woke up a long lost writer inside of me. My content started to attract more of my ideal audience to me and my services.

She helped me see and feel the power of writing authentically and sharing vulnerable content – that I’m no longer scared of.

Monika was always just a message away and over-delivered with great love and outstanding support.

I felt truly listened to and taken care of.

She helped me package my business ideas into powerful sales offers. I cannot recommend her highly enough for anyone who wishes to grow as a writer and/or a coach.

Martina Magic

Productivity Coach

Testimonials 6

Working with Monika has been an absolutely delightful and rewarding journey. She is one of a kind.

Looking back at our coaching programme, I feel so grateful and filled with light. No matter where on the roller coaster I was, how tired and unmotivated I would feel at times, she was always there to pick me up, pointing me in the direction that I, myself, had actually chosen, that I desired, so after every session with her I would feel extremely alive and empowered. She inspired me to listen inward, to my soul’s true purpose, and to make it happen, to actually take action step by step towards a life that I was just dreaming about before.

She would always ask the questions that reminded me that I have the power, that I am worthy, and she would always help me back on track as well as expanding my horizon and challenge my stories.

When we started I was in the middle of a burnout, and the day of our last session I landed in my first long term coaching client, while leaving the corporate world. In that situation my heart was singing, and I felt so confident, thanks to all help and support through the coaching, equipping me with the right tools and mindset.

Monika was there along the way to encourage me, holding space for my doubts and chaos, to slowly let them form clarity and direction – with a purpose. She was there to hold me accountable for the work I needed to do, even when it was outside my comfort zone.

The support in between the sessions has been gold, being able to update her on what’s going on for me and get quick feedback and reminders was invaluable in the process. She is a coach who quickly adjusts to your energy and genuinely engages in your journey.

Last but not least, Monika is a very warm, loving and fun person who I came to laugh a lot with and hopefully will meet as a friend sometime in the future!

I would highly recommend her to any woman who is stuck and needs a push in the right direction, with lots of sharpness and love.

Anna Eden

Conscious Breakup Coach

Testimonials 7

With hand on heart I can honestly say that Monika changed my life for the better! As much as she tells me ‘it’s all you’ or ‘you’re the one doing this’ I agree yes but a lot of this was from her showing me and helping me understand things about myself.

When I first messaged Monika I was a bundle of nerves my anxiety was all over the place but Monika grounded me – she just has this calm presence about herself and it’s just wonderful.

When we first got talking I was completely broken from a bad past suffering with PTSD and battling depression and I didn’t know what I wanted or how to do things, all I knew was I wanted to craft items and sell them online.

And she helped me make my vision a reality – I now finally feel like a business owner I’ve always wanted to be! It was amazing how much I did with Monika how much I learnt from her and from myself! I figured out how strong I am how brave I am and how much I’m not a quitter.

Week by week we’d have our zoom meetings and go through each battle at a time and this really did help, I actually can honestly say I did better with Monika than I did in counselling. She helped me get my walls down within one session whilst I couldn’t do it during months of counselling.

I’d highly recommend Monika to anyone – she’s so kind and caring she’s like the best friend I never had that helps you get what you want. I miss our Mondays together already, but I also am proud of myself and how far I have come. And I’m kinder and more understanding towards myself,too.

I don’t feel lost anymore; I know exactly what I want and how to get it.

One of my favourite things – I can still look back at our voice notes and google doc we ran together in between the sessions – this support was invaluable. At the end of the last session she said I can still sometimes share my wins with her if it feels right to me and I’ve kept to it – I know it’s no longer coaching but means a lot to me that she’s happy to hear how I’m doing.

Sophie @sophiescornergb

Business owner - all things glitter!

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I became a Life Coach which was my biggest dream come true…and then I realised I didn’t know what steps to take next, I felt so lost.

My friend recommended reaching out to Monika – I hesitated for a while because it was another investment, but scheduled a discovery call. After that call I knew I didn’t want any other coach – I wanted her to be on this journey with me.

I really enjoyed working with Monika. She helped me realise a lot of stuff I was hiding inside me for years and helped me boost my confidence.

She helped me get rid of my limiting beliefs, was there for me when I was pushing myself out of my comfort zone and supported me every single day – she genuinely is this invested.

You meet Monika and you think she’s super sweet on the outside (and you’re right!) but let me tell you – this woman knows what she’s doing. She created a successful business and does everything in her power to pass what she knows into you while coaching you through any personal blocks you may have.

I will miss our sessions so much – they always gave me so much energy.

When I signed up my first paying client, I felt really proud of myself and thought to myself for the first time – I can really do this! And that’s all because of the work with Monika.

I can’t believe 5 months just gone by, I’m happy that I took the decision to work with Monika, my life will never be the same thanks to her.

To everyone wondering whether to reach out to Monika – the more you are doubting yourself, the worse it gets. So take the first step to move forward and you won’t regret it. I know I’m so glad I did.

Thank you Monika for everything you’ve done for me. I finally believe in myself the way you’ve always believed in me right from the start.

Arianna Falconi

Freedom Coach

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For years, in fact for the vast majority of my adult life I have lived my life for other people. First for my parents as I worked tirelessly to become a successful professional in the banking industry and make them proud. Then, as a wife, as I strived to add perfect domesticity to the mix. By the time my twins were born I couldn’t even remember who the real me was. Thirty years later, divorced and the kids out of college and a pandemic shutting down the world, through serendipity and forces beyond my control, Monika helped me find myself.

From April to August 2020, Monika was my fulfillment coach. Through various avenues we both discovered who I am and how I can work toward making my life the most meaningful for me. She uncovered my strengths and unrealized potential. She helped me realize that I am able to advocate for myself, to drill down to the essential and take action. She made me accountable to myself. This was not done in a controlling manner. She drew out my dreams and connected them to my values. She helped me realize my drive to take action, despite that sometimes being the scariest thing in the world to do. Nothing changes if nothing changes. Now is the time to change. Monika helped me take a leap of faith that for years I had wanted to take. On October 29 my life will change. I don’t know which direction it will take, but I know it will change. I will step on a plane in Boston and get off in London. What I leave on that day will not be the same when I return. And that’s what I want. I’m excited and I’m scared. You can’t get any more alive than that 🙂

Facebook and the solo female traveller group introduced me to Monika. The world is getting smaller everyday. Technology allows us to connect with others across the world. In April 2020, in New York, this was my life line. Time zones don’t matter. Monika was so very flexible in meeting with me at times that were convenient for me. What matters is being honest with yourself about your life goals and connecting with someone who understands you and is committed to motivate you to make those changes for yourself.

Whatever your motivation, your path has led you to Monika. To anyone reading this, I encourage you to make the investment in yourself. It was the best step forward I have ever taken. Work with Monika. You are worth it!!!

Helen Leonowitz

Mum, nurse, teacher & finally the most unstoppable woman in Upstate New York and beyond

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I reached out to Monika just after I handed in my resignation from my 9-5 and I had big dreams to start building my coaching business online. At the same time I felt overwhelmed, scared and quite frankly, I had no clue how to go about it.

I knew I needed help from someone who’s been through a similar journey themselves and would be able to guide me through the meanders of social media and how to use it to create a business from scratch.

Seeing Monika’s great success was definitely a magnet for working with her, but on top of that I also had a glowing recommendation from a friend who also worked with her and had great results.

Over 4 months of working together Monika has helped with establishing my niche, clarifying areas of my expertise as a coach, growing my Facebook audience multiple times, and taught me how to create content that grabs attention and creates engagement. Going through her business programme was a massive learning experience not just from business perspective but also on a personal level.

Monika is super dedicated and committed. I felt she was really there with me at every step of my journey by giving me constant feedback, encouraging me to take action, and even cheering on me during my first Facebook Live.

If you want to build an online business and are ready to take serious action do not hesitate to reach out to her.

Mal Prorok

Empowerment Coach

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When I met Monika I knew very little about how to position myself as a brand, or what activities to do. During this time of working together I understood the aspects of running a business while having the best support when I was doubting myself. She helped me with numerous things, not just with my biz.

Her support in between the sessions is invaluable. In her I found not just a coach, but a mentor, and the best cheerleader I could ever have! I’d say hiring her was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life, and I recommend working with her a 1000%.

Raquel Martos

Empowerment Coach

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After I finished my discovery call with Monika I knew that I would be working with her.

Her energy, confidence, authenticity, and passion matched exactly how I wanted to feel around my coaching business, yet I was only at the very beginning and did not know where to start.

The guidance from Monika along with the accountability allowed me to achieve more than I expected in our time together, and I found the support in between session tackled my limiting beliefs as they came up and gave me the reassurance in what I was doing.

However, the biggest thing for me was the clarity and confidence I got from getting clear on exactly what I wanted my business to be and believing that I could do it. Monika really is your own personal cheerleader and it gets to a stage when you can’t help but believe in yourself too. It has got me to the stage that I am ready to give this dream business my best shot, and I am very excited about what will come next, so thank you Monika!

Claire Cutmore

Empowerment Coach

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‘Rabbit in Headlights’…this probably best describes the feeling I had after gaining my qualification in Transformational Coaching.

Constant questions filled my head around how do I now set up my coaching practice, and the more people I listened to the more confused I became…‘how do I establish my ideal client’, ‘create a social media presence’, ‘write compelling content’, ‘nail a discovery session’ and actually go on to work with paying clients – all of these thoughts made me want to search for a dark room and hide away!

Meeting Monika was a godsend as I quickly realised I’d met someone who I knew could confidently help me gain great clarity around all of my confusion. During our time working together I received incredible support, and on those days when I felt like giving up, her constant words of encouragement kept me going. I can’t recommend Monika enough, especially if you appreciate expert guidance, and I’m delighted to say I now have those paying clients I’d once only dreamed of!!

Lynell Grainger

mindset coach and world traveller

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Monika is a gem. I was in a very dark place and was struggling to get to a much happier place. I didn’t quite believe in the power of coaching as it’s something I’ve never done before until I’ve experienced it myself – it challenged me to be open to possibilities! Why haven’t I considered doing this before?!

Monika is the sweetest person you’ll ever meet and I’m so honoured to have her as my very first coach!

I never felt judged, and felt so open in sharing my emotions.

I’m not very good in sharing my emotions and I feel like I’m not talking sense when I do, but Monika has given me clarity and made me understand the impact of being kind to myself.

It’s quite rare to find someone who genuinely cares for you, and I’ve seriously felt that from Monika.

I couldn’t even put to words how relieved I am for having the opportunity to work with her, as cheesy as it sounds, she’s given me hope!

Hope that one day I’ll be in a place where there’s nothing but the feeling of fulfillment.

I’m very grateful for Monika. She’s just bloody amazing and I can’t thank her enough for everything!

Bonne Lopez


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Monika has been an amazing coach – she’s kind, empathetic and also not afraid to call you out on your bullshit. She has really helped me start my coaching business journey. As she has done the steps herself, she has suggested ways in which I can expand and create clients online which I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. She’s helped me build my courage to let the world know about my coaching, host a body positive event and start charging my clients. She also helped me share my eating disorder journey, which was so healing and liberating. By ‘pushing’ me to do things I never dreamed I would have the courage to do, things that used to feel out of reach now feel within my comfort zone and I have grown massively as a result. Her upbeat energy is infectious and after our sessions, I come away believing that anything is possible. She’s really invested – it felt like I had my own personal champion cheering me on. She’s also incredibly generous of her time, both within and outside of sessions. Thank you for everything!

Kobini Ananth


Testimonials 8
I am still amazed that it took Monika just one session to help me see my situation from a completely different perspective. After first 60 mins with her I could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel I couldn’t see before. I needed clarity and she helped me understand what I valued, what was important to me and what in my life wasn’t working. I now take action aligned with the vision of the life I wanted to create during that first call with Monika. It feels like something in my brain shifted and I finally have the courage to do all the things that always seemed too scary. I couldn’t be happier and I can’t wait for what the future holds. As for Monika? She is very warm yet professional . She listens to you without any judgement and just makes you feel very comfortable! I am so happy we connected!

Raquel Bereng


Testimonials 9

I really loved the coaching sessions with Monika. Firstly, it’s so difficult to find someone to speak with who will not pass any judgment. I was able to really be totally honest and open in my conversations with Monika, and it really helped to pass the block I had. I’ve never done anything like this before, but it just felt like such a natural process to be in. I’m now finally looking forward to the possibilities ahead.

Bina Bhudia

Head of Finance

Testimonials 10

Monika has re-energised me! I was looking for a coach and one of my friends recommended Monika and it has been one of my best decisions at a challenging time in my life.

Monika made me feel very comfortable, has an innate ability to provide the right level of challenge at the right time.

Our sessions have led to lots of aha moments, and I always ended rejuvenated and inspired. I am now taking actions to reach my goals.

Over my coaching journey, Monika has been genuine, supportive, compassionate, personable and caring.

If you’re looking for a coach, do not hesitate to contact her, you will be so happy you did!


Personal Assistant

Maria Eilersen, Yoga Teacher

I am so grateful to have connected with Monika during a time of great uncertainty in my life. Her coaching style is incredibly compassionate, engaged and supportive, simplifying my overwhelming and emotional hurdles into manageable and empowering action. Thanks to her encouragement, I was able to identify what in my life truly nourishes me, and face the fears standing between me and my dreams. Monika helped me step into my power, stand in my truth and live authentically. I cannot recommend her enough!

Maria Eilersen

Yoga Teacher

Alejandro Martinez Monge,Communication Specialist, Traveller And Adventurer

One of the reasons why I picked Monika over other potential coaches was how relatable and down-to-earth she seemed. Despite knowing she worked mostly with women, I knew I wanted her as my coach.

I was surprised when we met for our first session by how easy it was to talk to someone I just met for the first time and what a good, non-judgemental listener she is.

During our sessions together, Monika guided me with her questions in an extraordinary way and prompted a lot of realisations. I understood what’s important to me and that I CAN make things happen. I can’t recommend her enough!

Alejandro Martínez Monge

Communication specialist, traveller and adventurer

Tasia Rice Hendrickson, Sales Manager &Amp; A Badass Mum Of Two

I was struggling. Struggling because all I wanted to do was to be good at my job, and I wasn’t. I was failing. When I have always excelled. 
After just 2 (incredible) hours of speaking with Monika I had basically talked myself in a circle and as she pointed out, I already knew the answers to my questions.

I couldn’t thrive in the current environment I was working in. My home life was suffering, my physical health was suffering, and it had only been 3 months. 
I needed to move on from this and she gave me the confidence I needed to have to make that happen.

I don’t know what the future holds. All I know is that today was my last day, and I’m so grateful for Monika. My body doesn’t hurt from stress, and I can tell my husband that I’m okay and really mean it.

There is so much I can’t write here to explain the depths of what was going on. However, I highly recommend reaching out to Monika if you are at a cross road and need that extra push. She is truly incredible.

Tasia Rice Hendrickson

Sales Manager & a badass mum of two