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Today I’m grateful for 2020.

Today I’m grateful for 2020.
And truth to be told – when I was diagnosed with cancer in January this year…well, I never thought I would say that!
But it’s true – it’s the best year I have ever had.
Cancer diagnosis opened my eyes to a lot of things:
• I realised I spent my life focusing on work only…and successful career was pretty useless when I was sitting alone on a bathroom floor crying after being diagnosed
• It was always easier and more natural to me to choose helping others…so I forgot about creating my own happiness
• I realised life is precious. And fragile. And ‘one day’ may never come…so time to do things is NOW, not later
And I’m so, so grateful for those lessons.
Because I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have given me and Andy a real chance, if I didn’t go through my cancer journey.
I remember the day before our second real life date right before first lockdown.
I had an appointment with my oncologist right before I saw Andy and we talked about what my fertility may look like – and it wasn’t a positive conversation.
I felt so defeated after it, because I knew how much I wanted to have a family of my own one day.
Fast forward to today – I’ve never felt happier. Or more loved. Or more at home.
(Or more nauseous…!😂)
We are going to have a baby and I’m so, so excited. And terrified, but in the best way possible!:-)
If you had told me in January that later this year I will be head over heels in love, pregnant and buying a house, I would have told you you were crazy.
But here I am.
And when you know, you know.
So thank you cancer and thank you 2020 – I’m so grateful for what I’ve learned and the way my life looks like right now.
When you find the courage to choose yourself and your own happiness, magic happens.
Still can’t believe I’m going to be a mum! 🥰