Two weeks that turned my life upside down.

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I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer this January. I know, I was shocked too. It was all very quick – there were roughly two weeks between the biopsy results and my surgery.
Two weeks that turned my life upside down. Because, let’s be honest, when you’re all fit and healthy a cancer diagnosis is the last thing you’re expecting. And can you ever really get emotionally prepared for calling your mum to tell her you’ve got cancer? Exactly. It wasn’t easy at all. Managing your own emotions does not come easy – add on managing everyone else’s emotions and it gets pretty darn hard. I was so scared of the unknown. And then, after the surgery… I couldn’t stop crying for hours and then moved on to throwing up. Interestingly, everybody thought I was crying because of the scar. Whilst I still can’t necessarily pinpoint why I cried for all those hours, I know it definitely wasn’t because of the scar. You see, my journey to fulfilled life all those years ago started from acceptance. I accepted who I was. Learned how to love this person in the mirror. And decided to make the most of this life ahead of me. So when the cancer diagnosis happened, I knew I was going to rock this scar proudly. Because it is such an important part of my own journey. Such a good reminder. You see, cancer puts your life into perspective. I don’t take another day for granted. I no longer wait until ‘then’ to call someone do something go somewhere Because THEN may actually never come – and what then? I was talking to my friend the other day and he asked how I’m feeling I said I can’t wait to get fully back into my high intensity daily routine And he said ‘it’s a sign of a happy life’ I couldn’t have said it better myself. I’ve never been more grateful. I have the best, most supportive and loving mum, brother, friends and clients. My house is full of flowers and cards and my heart is so full of joy. I’ve made a list of what I want to do, where I want to go and projects I want to be involved in. And it’s a long, exciting list. I may not have a thyroid anymore, but I surely have determination to make this year my best one to date. Because now I know that ‘one day’ may never come And what I don’t want is to have regrets. So it’s so much smarter to make it all happen now ? Click Here to Learn from Elementor Website!
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January 2022