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What happens when you can’t make a phone call?

What happens when you can’t make a phone call?

You see, all the travelling solo is magical…

But sometimes no matter how amazing the trip is…

At some point something or someone will make you upset.

And you’ll feel like shit. Not great at all.

The funny thing is that when you travel far and you travel solo…

Those moments often happen at the time when you can’t call anyone you would normally call to talk it through

…because they’re all asleep.

Those are the times that leave me with no other option but to start searching for answers:

• Who do I need to start showing up as for myself to be able to move past it?

• What do I need to start thinking about myself to wake up tomorrow knowing I CAN and will carry on having the best trip?

It’s never easy.

And let’s be honest – sometimes I’ll order a g&t before I face it all.

But when I do…

Well, nothing beats waking up in the morning knowing I made the relationship with myself a little bit stronger.

That’s what makes the adventure of travelling on your own so empowering.

And that’s what makes me believe I CAN do much more than I thought I was capable of just three weeks ago.

Because sometimes no ability to call means real growth.

Anyone can relate??