What would I say to my 20-year-old self?

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What would I say to my 20-year-old self?

To be more like the girl I was when I was 5yo!


Because that girl was unstoppable.

She tried everything she wanted and wasn’t looking around…

She was too focused on enjoying life, she didn’t know what it’s like to compare herself to others

Then one day…
I found myself stuck in the comparison trap!

The trap I was in through my teenage years up to the age of 25 or so.

• I would spend hours bringing myself down by looking at people who had better lives, Hollywood smiles and perfectly sized thigh gaps

• I wouldn’t even think of starting to write a book – I was convinced there were others who have done it better than me already

• I would give up on beach holidays – I couldn’t stand the idea of somebody looking at my soooo-not-perfect body

Guess what – I wasn’t the happiest person around.

In fact – I was pretty miserable.

Now, I’m almost thirty and I’m more like myself from this picture!

I don’t really compare myself to others.

• When I see people succeeding, I treat them as inspiration. I don’t give up on what I am working on just because others are there making their dreams a reality.

• I acknowledge plenty of great pieces already written, while not forgetting that no one will tell a story the exact same way I can. (Now we know why I sat down and wrote this e-book;-))

• I own the things I have and I am finally ok with things that I don’t have. And I choose swimming in the sea over a thigh gap – every time!)

See, now I know if there was an opportunity to go out there and be a supermodel….

I would do it just the way I did it when I was 5!

I would do the best I could without comparing myself to others.

Roosevelt really was right – comparison IS the thief of joy.

Now I know.

And you…what advice would you give to your younger self?

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January 2022