Who do you choose not to see?

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Who do you choose not to see?

The other day I found myself walking around Paddington Station where I noticed this elderly lady with a big suitcase.

There was a TON of people around…

Everyone focused more on their phones than anything happening around them.

I asked if I can help her out given all the stairs and that’s how we ended up talking…

She told me she likes visiting friends across England – which explained the suitcase.

She used to travel with her husband, but since he’s no longer here, she now does the trips solo at the age of 83…


Because, as she said…LIFE IS FOR LIVING

And the best thing?

It was so beautifully OBVIOUS to her.

And as I was standing there thinking WOW, it all reminded me of my number one person in the world…

My grandmother.

She will never stop being my biggest inspiration.

• She would eat and drink what she wanted

• She would sing when she wanted

• She would never settle for less than she knew she deserved

And best of all – she knew what her values were and what mattered to her the most.

Every single decision she’s ever made was aligned with all of those things…

Which is why, she was so infectiously happy and positive every single day.

And for her?

Life was also for living.

See, I wish I had more time with my grandma – she always had a story that made me want to keep going.

…and there will never be anyone else giving me better dating tips,that’s for sure!

Yet, when she was leaving her house, not everybody always chose to see her…

So next time you choose not to see someone…think again.

You may have a chance to listen to a story that will impact your life…

Whether it’s drinking mohitos without regrets

Buying a portion of fries…

Or planning this solo trip.

Do it.

Because life really is for living. ?

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January 2022