Who do you live your life for?

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Who do you live your life for?

If you answered MYSELF – you can stop reading now.

But if you hesitated…

Let me tell you about a girl I met for lunch today.

It’s been three months since I saw her last.

Today she looked very different, she was glowing.

I told her what I noticed and she admitted she’s way happier than she was back in July.

‘What changed?’ I asked

(Sorry to disappoint all the hopeless romantics out there – no, she did not meet the love of her life;-))

‘I finally accepted who I am’

Boom, just like that.

‘So many people I knew died this year. I’ve just realised life really is too short to constantly try to be somebody you’re not…and please everyone around’

And I couldn’t agree more, but you know what’s my favourite thing?

She no longer hesitates when it comes to making decisions.

She accepted and embraced who she is and all of a sudden she just knows what’s right for her.

Indecisive is not who she is anymore.

And it’s so inspiring.

I’ve always believed once you get crystal clear on who you are and what matters to YOU (no, not your parents/partners/friends – YOU)

Then you’ll never hesitate making an important decision.

Do you sometimes make your decisions based on others?

Because you don’t want to cause them stress?

You want them to like you?

Guess what – if you try to please everybody, you’ll end up pleasing nobody…

Including yourself.

My point here – don’t wait for anyone to die to realise how precious life is.

Live it now.

And live it for YOURSELF.

Choose a dog over a baby.

Travelling over mortgage.

Rewarding job over a big pay check.

Whatever that is that feels right to YOU.

It really doesn’t matter what other people will think – you’ll never make them all happy anyway.

And when you embrace who you truly are

You’ll have this special kind of glow…

That will make others think you’re probably falling in love.

And that’s not so far from the truth!

Because when you start falling in love with who you really are…

You’ll start forming the most important relationship you need to succeed at anything in life.

One, that is, quite literally, forever.

To everyone who’s unsure what it is they actually want that would make them happy…

Everyone who struggles making decisions

Please feel free to reach out to me.

Life really is too short to live it for anyone but yourself 

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January 2022