You guys want to know how I felt on Tuesday?

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You guys want to know how I felt on Tuesday?

On the day when I officially turned 30…


See, I didn’t spend the actual day with one family member.

I spent it with people who really didn’t have to be there for me at all.

But they chose to be and – it gets better – they planned everything on the day for me.

Are you crying yet?

Because I kind of am!

All the chocolates, balloons, champagne, octopus and SO MUCH LOVE – along with literally hundreds of messages I got from all of you here.

See – it wasn’t always like that.

I remember birthdays where I would sit on the floor for hours refreshing my phone hoping to get a call from a guy who would eventually message at 11pm.

I remember birthdays where family didn’t really know what to wish me…

…mostly because I didn’t know what I wanted from life anyway.

So what changed?

I guess I made peace with myself and the past.

And I started to believe that I am worthy.

Of love,success,the life I’ve always wanted…

That helped me go out there and start creating it.

And now?

• I know what I am working towards.

• I know what I am here to do and love it.

• I love people who are part of my life.

Brene Brown said true belonging doesn’t require us to change who we are…

It requires us to be who we are.

And those people I spent my birthday with?

They know the weirdest things about me.

How I smile eating porridge from Benugo…

Or how I sleep with a cuddly toy piglet called foreign minister.

The biggest gift I got myself for this birthday is this realisation that…

Being my authentic self really is the way to go.

And I am so excited for what my thirties will bring.

Despite losing my voice on Wednesday morning, I wouldn’t have spent the day in any other way.

And I am so very grateful for each and every one of you – you really did blow me away!

…so thank YOU!???

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January 2022